The End Of An Era

Yesterday I mentioned that it was my husband Lukus’ 29th birthday.  (Yep, that’s right.  He’s nearly thirty, one foot in the grave.)  We have a tradition in our household in which the birthday is a complete surprise from start to finish.  I love it because it makes the whole day special!

Now that I have spent time building it up, I figured it only fair I share some photos from the day’s activities. (Don’t judge my photography skills- for some reason the camera was acting odd- lots of sploches in photos?!)

Lukus opening his gifts. (Please note the scruffy beard that he is sporting.) The card said something like "For your birthday I am going to give you something you've never had. 24 hours of being right." Ha!

The major activity of the day: Indoor Rock Climbing!!! This was a blast. I surprised Lukus by meeting a group of our friend's at the gym. I must give it to him- he was probably the best climber in the group (he told me to write that, but it is true!).

Check out my fantastic climbing skills! No, but seriously this was crazy challenging but a ton of fun. By the end we were aching from our forearms to our finger tips! This was a really an excellent group activity- highly recommend.

This photo is in here with the singular atempt to ellicit "awws" from the readers. Oh! And to show me from the front side 😉 Notice also that Lukus is now clean shaven. I guess he was going for a youthful look in his old age.

Our friends Robert and Sean threw a little surprise dinner for Lukus. Clearly it was a massive success! Thanks, guys!

The cake Sean's presenting? Monkey Bread! Extremely simple but, a big hit!!

Alright, I hope you enjoyed a peek into our day!  And if all you got out of this was that there is a yummy dessert known as “Monkey Bread,” well then check out the recipe here!  I especially like it for groups as it pulls apart easily making it a great finger food.


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    What a great idea !!!


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