A Masculine Edge

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Emma Stone’s Golden Globe fashion and how to transform that into an interior space.  Today, I wanted to do something similar (I am thinking of doing this more regularly- so please, let me know what you think!) with a menswear look.  More specifically, I want to take a look from Gucci’s Spring 2011 campaign and translate it into home spaces.

Here’s the look:

Gucci Spring 2011 Collection. Photo by Marcio Madeira for FirstView.com via Style.com.

While the look isn’t that cutting edge (let’s be honest here), it is classic jetsetter.  I love the lean lines, and the mixed neutrals in the jacket and slacks.  Interpreted to interiors these are the items that lighten and brighten a room without taking center stage.  The richly colored shoes, belt and bag help to give the look weight, just like dark woods have the ability to give a room depth.  The chambray shirt acts as an unexpected element, while the watch, glasses and necklace serve as personal elements.

Check out the below rooms to see my interpretation:

Image from LonnyMag.com

The table and chairs is the image act in the same way the shoes, belt and bag do in the Gucci look.  While technically a neutral, the richness of color draws you in making the table the true centerpiece of the room.

Photo by Sam McAdam.

The simplicity of this room is what makes it work.  I am especially a fan of the different shades of whites and beiges.  They keep the room light, but interesting.

Photo by William Waldron for Elle Decor.

Like the outfit it is the details that stand out in this vignette.  In the runway photo the glasses, watch and necklace speak to the personality of the look.  Likewise it is the artwork, the bust and the coffered ceilings that pull the viewer into the room.

There are a lot of unexpected elements in this room.  I am especially a fan of the mirror as a headboard.  Just like the chambray shirt, you don’t recognize the mirrors appeal until closer inspection.

Photo by Robert Trachtenberg for House Beautiful.

First, let me say this image is way over styled— too much stuff on the table!  But, if you can get past that, this room is a great amalgamation of all the elements discussed.  The depth of the wood, the unexpected blue walls, the different shades of neutrals, and of course, the personal details.

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