A Matter Of Time

Time is one of those precious commodities we never seem to have enough of.  Or at least I never do.  Especially when I need it.  And, this isn’t because I am a procrastinator (Please!  In college I regularly finished papers a week before they were due!  Yes, I was that good 😉 ).  Instead, life seems to get in the way of itself.  Constantly in fact.  So, I have compiled a list of a few things that help me get things done faster.  Now if only I could implement them with greater consistency…

Photo by Lukus Grace for North On Harper.

Be Organized: Before you do anything get organized!  Make sure you record all meetings/ dates/ scheduled events in one place.  One year I got Lukus a small agenda.  While it was only meant as a stocking stuffer, that calendar went everywhere with Lukus.  I swear that was the most on top of things he’d ever been… I should probably get him another.

Run Errands Clockwise: If you live in a major city with insane traffic (Hello Los Angeles!), you know the pain of a left turn.  Before adopting this trick I would spend hours in the left hand turn lane.  But, if you do your errands clockwise then you are only making right-handed turns.  Sounds like a small correction, but those few moments can quickly add up.

Don’t Wait In The Waiting Room: Take advantage of the time between meetings, in the doctor’s office or in line at the post office.  Use the time to check up on emails or return a few calls!  This is also a great time to check in and make sure you are being productive.  Can you combine any errands?  Cross any off the list?  Now is the time to reevaluate your day’s agenda.

Create Deadlines: Allotting a set period of time for tasks helps you schedule better.  It also prevents you from putting things off for “tomorrow” or some other ambiguous moment in time.  Deadlines force you to deal with things in the now and to do so in a productive manner.  Also, if you are a perfectionist, having a set time frame forces you to actually complete something instead of constantly tweaking and adjusting.

Ask For Help: We all think we are superheroes (I am pretty sure I dressed up as SuperGirl daily from age 2 to age 3), but alas, we are merely human.  So don’t be scared to ask for help!  The other day I had a near meltdown, because my list of chores seemed eternal, I had a project due for work and I still needed to run to the groceries for parsley!  Thankfully, Lukus picked up on the near heart attack and offered to pick up parsley on the way home.  Just that little help made it possible for me to finish my list.  I will remember to ask for help in the future (hopefully before I pull out my hair!).


  1. If you’re a man feel free to skip the last tip. I think Alexis meant to put that but forgot. I got your back babe!

  2. happymother says:

    You are very organised- I’m impressed!! So do I!!! This morning 7:30 I brought my children to school, washed my car and bought food for our dinner- we had guests from taiwan-,at 8;30 I started my work in my office. I had a great day, now it is 0.02 , we enjoyed our dinner. Everything is clean – this is one of my perfect days. Good night!!!


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