Game Day Behavior

Last night Lukus and I went to the Staples center for the Clippers vs Bulls game.  While the home team lost, we still had a wonderful time.  We had great seats and it was all in all a fun date night.  On the ride home the whole experience got me thinking about the rules/ behaviors that are observed at sporting events.  You know, the things that are okay when you are cheering on your favorite team, but not when you are in the grocery store?  Or the things that apply within the confines of those stadium walls, but not on the sidewalk?  Yes, what your parents taught you is true: there is a time and a place for things.  And here are two stellar examples:

Lukus and myself, enjoying the game.

Jerseys. Jerseys or any form of game day attire are just that- only appropriate for game day.  So if the game has come and gone, but you still want to celebrate or show your allegiance, keep it simple.  Wear a hat with your team’s emblem.  Do not wear a jersey for the next week.  First off, by day three you probably stink.  Second, guys (or girls) in jerseys just look shlumpy.  Please, step it up a notch people!  You are more than your favorite sports team!  I am OBSESSED with the Steelers, but I have not worn one team inspired outfit this entire week—and they are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday!  If I can contain myself, you can as well.

Hotdogs. There are very few settings where, as an adult, it is appropriate to eat hotdogs.  Now, it is important to emphasize that I am only talking about hotdogs here, not proper sausages (otherwise the entire country of Germany would have some explaining to do!).  One of those occasions is while watching a sporting event.  So pile on the ketchup, the mustard and the relish.  But, when the final buzzer sounds or the final whistle is blown put down the hotdog.  (Lukus wants me to add that barbecues are also appropriate- I am not sure that I agree with him here.  I mean for kids, sure, but if you are an adult I say step it up at least a little and go for the brat.)

Lukus, enjoying his hotdog.

What are the things you find only acceptable while watching the game?

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