Getaway Attaché

Whenever Lukus and I take a little weekend or overnight trip we pack bags.  No shock there.  Pretty normal in fact.  What isn’t is Lukus’ choice in luggage.  While most adults carry a weekender or some sort of duffel bag, Lukus still opts for a backpack.  In fact, Lukus carry’s a backpack everywhere.  And for work I get it (although, a messenger may be more fitting!), but for a trip?  It seems somewhat, err, juvenile.  Plus, he wears a size 13 shoe, which means if all he is carrying is a bookbag, well then he probably plans to wear the same pair of shoes for the entire getaway (or he’ll grab a plastic bag for an additional pair… not even kidding).  So, I’ve assembled a collection of slightly masculine bags (although, I would probably carry most of these!) hoping that one day Lukus will graduate to one of them.  Until then, perhaps a bag is just what’s keeping you from that little excursion, in which case: get packing!

Jack Spade “Winged Nylon Duffle” ($395).

I like this bag because it is casual and easy.  Navy is so sophisticated, but this bag makes it look effortless.

Prada “Saffiano Leather Duffle” ($2,135).

Alright, this bag isn’t remotely affordable.  The logo/ the price?  Pure luxury.  However, It is the styling I am interested in.  This bag is stylish and chic.  This bag is a statement piece.

Marc New York “Vintage Leather Weekend Duffle” ($295).

This is the classic leather weekender.  However, the worn vintage look makes it just a little more special.

Ben Sherman “Canvas Duffle Bag” ($59.99).

There is something very urban about this bag.  The streamlined look is both clean and elegant.

Jack Spade “Ajax Duffle in Bleacher Plaid” ($395).

Got a sense of humor?  Then this bag is for you!  This bag is full of personality and whoever carries it better be as well!


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