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Mr. Newton is one of my favorites street style photographers.  And while I have always loved this genre of photography (cause I love photography and I love fashion- shocking, I know), it is his blog that has inspired me to do some street style here on North On Harper (now you have something to look forward to!).  So in honor of Mr. Newton, I have collected some of Mr. Newton’s photos from outside the fall fashion shows in New York, London and Milan.  And with it I have made some observations…

Photos from "Harper's Bazaar" by Mr. Newton.

New York takes risks.  These looks share some commonalities: grey outerwear that skims the thigh and suede shoes.  But my favorite elements are what set these two ladies apart.  On the left, it is the patterned tights peeking out of the top of the over-the-knee boots.  And on the right, it is the expertly mixed patterns (cheetah and polka dots) that leave me smiling.

Photos from "Harper's Bazaar" by Mr. Newton.

London is street cool.  The skinny black pants, the coats, the bags with the extended shoulder straps, these girls have the cool uniform down.  But it is the details that make them special: great coats, hats, etc.  This is what I want to look like running around town doing errands (specifically the look on the right): effortless.

Photos from "Harper's Bazaar" by Mr. Newton.

Milan is chic.  Despite the easy flowy skirts, these looks are thoughtful.  You can tell that no piece was arbitrarily chosen.  While I love the warm colors of the look on the left and the contrast on the right, my favorite detail in both looks is the platform shoes.

(Check out all of Mr. Newton’s coverage for each of the above city by clicking on the corresponding photos above.)


  1. happymother says:

    Great taste!!! The street style in munich is also very interesting-you have to have a very good bag(givenchy or chloe) mix with the right style of shoes (in winters only Uggboots, Timberland boots or Sorelboots),in summers highheels.Monclaer is the brand for wintercoat…The style ist very classical. We still have -10 Grad…

  2. I would LOVE to do a street style shoot in Munich! I love mixing high and low pieces… as for the weather: THAT IS SO COLD!!!

  3. Cool style. stopping by from FTLOG! :)

  4. Hi Alexis!! Lovely to be able to comment finally! I used to have a account but I have no clue what my login details were:(
    Nice styles!!! I’m afraid I’m not very stylish. I’m usually in my Doc Martens and tunic or skirt n leggings or jeans:)

  5. Thanks Rita!

    Thanks for commenting Susi! Ummm, and as for your style: what you described is very stylish!!!! I approve! :)

  6. thanks for sharing all the lovely fashion posts! i’m a fashion-phile haha i can’t stop obsessing over those platforms with the printed skirt! must have!haha
    <3 niree

  7. niree-
    me too!!

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