Wine Of The Week (18)

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny 80*F/26.5*C day here in Los Angeles. Yes, these are the times I am happy to be a Southern California resident. So, of course I am in the mood for summer! And apparently so is David Foss (our sommelier), if this week’s wine selection is any indicator. In fact, his exact description is “Great summer on the beach wine.”
Are you craving the sun? While I can’t control the weather (shocking, I know) I can share the wine that will get you in the right headspace. Ready? It is the Paco & Lola, Albariño, 2009. This is a white wine (the grape is the Albariño from Spain) that David describes as “crisp, clean, apple, mineral.” So if you are a lover of German Rieslings or a Grüner Veltliner, this is a great option for you. They key with this wine is to drink it young, as David put it this wine’s “jailbait.” Purchase it and drink it. Fortunately at $18 dollars you won’t feel like you have to save it for a special occasion!


  1. i am a SUCKER for a nice looking LABEL!

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