Wine Of The Week (20)

(I am dedicating this post to my dear friend Gio… who moved from the Republic of Georgia to the state of Georgia—if you happen to live in Atlanta check out his fantastic scavenger hunt

Alright, I am not going to try and hide this wine.  Play any sort of guessing game.  Because frankly, as soon as I tell you what it is you will be intrigued simply by its lineage!  Ready?  It is the 2008 Pheasant’s Tears Saperavi Kakheti Republic of Georgia.  Did you catch that?  It’s from the Republic of Georgia— as in member of the former USSR.  Yes, impressive.  In fact, these Georgians don’t mess around.  The bottle claims Georgia as “the cradle of wine civilization.”  And after drinking this wine, David (our sommelier) may be persuaded to agree.

As difficult as the name is to pronounce, it is similarly difficult to characterize this wine.  David explains, “It has the body of a Bordeaux, earthiness of a Burgundy and the acid of a Chianti.”  Are you still with me?  Well even if you are slightly befuddled, check this wine out.  Because as David says “it is crazy cool” and at $17 it is also affordable!


  1. Heck, if I could find that wine, I’d try it. If it isn’t Californian or Chilean, I use labels to choose. Have found some good ones doing it like that.

  2. I saw on 20sb that you have a wine sunday post! I’ve been trying to teach myself all about wine recently, so I’m super stoked to find your page… plus there’s fashion… definitely following 😀

  3. Jewely– so glad to have you!!! Please let me know if you have specific wine questions you want to ask and I am sure I can get David (our som) to write an answer! Best!

  4. Oh, I love the ad for this wine. I would totally randomly buy it in the store if it had this label. So cool. Thanks for sharing!

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