A Few Things To Dwell On…

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the LA event for Dwell Studios’ Christiane Lemieux’s new book, Undecorate: The No Rules Approach To Interior Design.  The book is fantastically beautiful- everything I could hope for from the design house that has brought some of my favorite textiles.  Undecorate gives readers a peek inside 20 homes across the country.   And these aren’t your uptight designer showcase homes!  These are, warm, welcoming and relaxing environments that still have the polished element that makes them print worthy.  Needless to say, Jessica (yes, that Jessica!), Jay (her man), Lukus (my man) and myself were ooing and awwing as we flipped through the pages.  So much so that I know what’s on my birthday list (PS- we are just under 2 weeks out, feel free to send gifts 😉 )!

Without further ado, check out the book, some of my fav Dwell merchandise and a couple photos from the party below:

The Book:

"Undecorate" by Christiane Lemieux available on DwellStudio.com ($40).

One of the 200+ images from "Undecorate"


The Merchandise:

So many great textiles at Dwell Studio-- I may NEED one of the metallic throw pillows. All products available at dwellstudio.com


The Party:

Myself and Christiane Lemieux. Photo by Jessica Wenger and her iPhone (like a fool I forgot my camera!)

Lukus and myself. Again, photo by Jessica Wenger (because of my epic forgetfulness!)


  1. Alexis! Can I just say I’m a wee bit jealous you met Christine?!! I must go get this book – and tweet her for those nursery photos – I need them in my gallery! btw, you look awesome – even without your own cam – you owe Jessica big time!

  2. Love decorating books. And anything with the words “no rules” always appeals to me Looks like you had a great evening!

  3. Like Lisa….. I like anything with the words ‘no rules’! I like to do my own thing! I like the simplicity of the pics we CAN see on your blog..

  4. Sounds like an awesome party and I am in love with the book. I have to order me a copy.

    I love No Rules so I know I can find lots of inspiration there.

  5. Happymother says:

    You look gorgeous!! I have to find this book!

  6. visiting from blog frog. Will have to check out this book. I love Dwell studio! Now following you.

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