A Medley Of Vessels

Spring has more than sprung here in L.A.  We are expecting a high of 90*F/32*C, so maybe it is more like summer here.  Either way it is the time of flowers.  They are in all of the markets, along the streets and they belong in your home!!  But sticking them in a beer bottle is just not acceptable.  The blooms I’ve seen deserve better than that.  And whether you are displaying a single bud or a giant bouquet, the below vases are sure to impress!

Z Gallerie "Bolsa" Vase, 16.5 inches ($39.95).

Okay, I said no beer bottles, but these antique wine bottle replicas are a completely different story.  Besides, even without a bloom these pieces make a beautiful centerpiece.

Rosenthal "Fast" Vase, 5.25 inches ($75).

This vase is modern, cool, eye catching… etc, etc, etc!  Honestly there are not enough words!  I love the modern clean feeling of porcelain and how it pops against brightly colored flowers.

Michael Aram "Wisteria" Vase, 6.5 inches ($99).

The organic design of this vase juxtaposed against its metal structure creates for a dramatic and delicate sculpture.  I love the fluidity of the design and can easily imagine a bouquet of wild flowers pouring out the top.

Jonathan Adler "Utopia Bird" Vase, 12 inches ($150).

How endearing is this vase?  Just looking at it makes me smile!  I love how effortless pottery feels.  It doesn’t require a formal environment or a special occasion.  All you need is a flat surface to display it.

Lalique "Arcacia" vase, 8 inches ($995).

Okay, this is the grand dame of vases.  A beautiful cut crystal creation.  Sigh.  You almost don’t want to messy it up with flowers.  But if you do, well it will be equally fabulous.

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  1. Love the “fast vase”, and the “Utopia Bird” gives me a feeling it may just take flight any second. Beautiful post.
    {Ok – and I quite like the wine bottles too. But I’ll stop now.

  2. Love these vases!! The old wine bottles and the Wisteria vase are my favorites!

  3. I really want to have my very own Waterford Crystal vase, but it would look ridiculous in my cabin at this point in time. Someday . . . Goodness, this post makes me anxious for flowers! 90F, huh. And I was excited about 44F. *going to go pout in a snowbank*

  4. Oh I love the one with the twine around it.

  5. I love the vases! Now if you would just please send some of that warm weather this way, I would be very happy:)

  6. The bird vase is unexpected and just gorgeous!

    I am super jealous of 90 degrees. I’m in SC, and it’s been in rainy and coooold all week. SC is confused about the seasons, I guess.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Following you on twitter & liking ya on FB. How’s that? ~hehe~ Told ya I would. Have a great weekend & Nice to meet ya! Love your vases. I like them when they’re not plain.

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