A Satin Touch

My mom and sister arrived yesterday for a short visit.  I am so happy to have them here, as I absolutely love my family.  I have to say, I got my fashion and design interests from my mom.  She is always dressed to impress (I stole liberated many items from her closet while growing up- and still do!) and her home is warm and inviting (to this day, when I visit Atlanta my friends hang out at my parents’ home).  So, when we get together we really enjoy playing dress up and updating my home.  And this trip has been no different as my mother came baring gifts.  Specifically a vintage satin glass rose bowl.  “What is satin glass?” you ask.  Well, like milk glass, satin glass is an opaque collectable decorative glass.  And it comes in a variety of colors.  The glass gets its name from the finish, which makes it feel like (wait for it) satin.

This is the lovely piece my mother brought for me:


This lovely piece of satin glass now adds a pop of color to our half-bath.

Pretty cool, right?  Especially now as we transition into spring (check out In Preparation For Spring) and begin introducing some more color into our home.  I know, you are feeling wildly jealous right about now.  Never fear.  I collected some of the fantastic pieces from Etsy for you to check out.  Just click on the images to be brought to the appropriate shop!


Rose Colored Compote, DellaWach shop, $25.75

This is such a sweet example of satin glass, perfect for a candy dish!


Black Vase, CheshireCatAntiques Shop, $40

I know, I was focusing on spring colors- but the black vase is completely unexpected and I like that!

Yellow Rose Bowl, PrinceAndPauper Shop, $25

This piece is most similar to the gift from my mother.  It is a great piece this is as pretty with or without flowers.


White Sundae Glass, TheVintageAnnex Shop, $14.99

This one has that vintage fountain shop appeal and even void of color the satin glass is eye catching.


Light Blue Vase, RavenNJ shop, $30

I love the unique shape of this vase and of course the color is fantastic.


  1. HI.. Thanks for using my vase.. unfortunately the link to it isn’t correct. I have posted the correct link.. Love your rose bowl.
    Best wishes.. Lise’

    Fenton Blue Satin Vase. http://www.etsy.com/listing/53139284/blue-satin-fenton-vase

  2. Happymother says:

    Beautiful vase!!! My love to your mum!!

  3. Wow!!! Not only is this post completely awesome, but your entire blog is gorgeous!! I really thank you for including my piece here. I love satin glass, and I particularly love rose bowls. What a lovely gift from your mother!! And I love the flowers you put in it! So gorgeous. Oh, and I need to check out that satin glass candy dish. Beautiful! 😀

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