Bring Back The Models!

Future Claw Magazine Issue 5 interviewed Niki Taylor back at the end of January and as always she was lovely and insightful.  In fact, there was one particular quote that made an impression.  When asked what changes she would like to see in the fashion industry, Ms. Taylor answered, “Put models back on covers of magazines and in campaigns and let the movie stars do movies.”  Preach, sister.  Preach.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I do love the occasional celebrity in conjunction with the insightful interview.  But, sometimes I just want a good old-fashioned super model.  Give me Niki, Claudia, Cindy, Linda and even some crazy Naomi (yes, I could go on…)!!!  These women were more than clothes hangers.  They were able to communicate a lifestyle simply by posing for photos- a skill many film actors seem to lack.

Niki Taylor, Elle, March 1991

Fortunately, it seem Ms. Taylor wasn’t the only one thinking this.  As many current titles seem to be showcasing true models (including 3 of the current issues Vogue from around the globe- seen below).  And with them that feeling, that joie de vivre (that had disappeared with the influx of stiff movie stars and overexposed musicians) comes rushing back.  Hopefully this is a trend that will stick around for a while.

Constance Jablonski, Vogue Deutsch, March 2011

Izabel Goulart, Vogue Nippon, March 2011

Gisele Bündchen, Vogue Türkiye, March 2011


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