Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood’s Golden Age

This week we lost screen legend Elizabeth Taylor.  She was one of the last major film stars and will surely be missed.  Looking back at her illustrious career I can’t help but think of Cleopatra– unquestionably one of the most glamorous films of all time.  I remember watching it as a little girl with my great-grandmother and being in awe of all the costumes and wigs and such (the storyline went right over my head).  Specifically, I was obsessed with the gold jewelry.  I was so obsessed with it I remember going into my mom’s closet and piling on the gold jewelry and wearing everything gold lamé (don’t judge her!  It was the 80s and she is Arab-American: she couldn’t help but love the lamé!).  So much so, that I still love gold- especially in accessories.  And Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra is still the inspiration!

Check out some of my favorites below!

(Images via fanpop.com, ezinemark.com and emersonfashionsociety.com)

Fancy Golden Leaf Headband ($15), via Etsy seller BrooklynStunner

With a headband like this a girl is sure to woo her very own Marc Anthony.  The leaf element has that Romanesque feel to it, sure to make a statement.


Alexis Bittar "Crystal Encrusted Gold Medium Moonstone Pave Hinge Bracelet" ($595), AlexisBittar.com

This bracelet is undoubtedly a statement piece fit for a queen.  I can completely see Ms. Taylor wearing a bracelet with this level of bling!


Theodora & Callum "Leaf Fringe Necklace" ($150), Shopbop.com

Could this necklace scream Cleopatra any louder?!  I love the dramatics of the fringe.  Wearing this on a night out is sure to turn heads.


Ban.do "Metallic Lace Head Wrap" ($50), shopbando.com

Not just your ordinary headband, this piece is sweet, but regal.  I can imagine it for both day and night.


Amrita Singh "Beaded Bangle Set" ($40), Cusp.com

I love this set of bangels- very “jewels of the Nile” and what not.  Perfect for dressing up any look- plus who doesn’t love the coral beads?



  1. I enjoyed this post-something different and very timely :)

  2. it’s hard to believe this legend is gone, but thankfully her body of work remains for us all to enjoy…visiting from DIC…have a wonderful weekend!


    stuff and nonsense

  3. She was a fabulous style icon from another era – loved the Hollywood glamour and she also was so giving of herself to charitable organizations.

  4. brandonchristopher says:

    Thank You! What a lovely tribute to an amazing icon. Sadly, glamour like this does not exist in Hollywood today!

  5. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never actually seen an Elizabeth Taylor film. I think I better get on that ASAP! I’m usually prefer silver or platinum over gold, but that headband is stunning. I’d have no qualms with sporting that. Happy Friday!

  6. Happymother says:

    I love your memories- I still remember you at the age of four; you really loved it to dress up and trying my jewelry on.
    She really was a great actor!

    • I still like to dress up!! And your jewelry was new and exciting- I’d already worn all of my mom’s!!!!

  7. She certainly was a WOMAN in every sense of the word! I would and do wear similar… headbands all the time! I love the era and the fashion.

  8. You nailed it w/Elizabeth Taylor’s look. It’s hard to believe that a movie and style icon is gone.

  9. I love everything you posted. Not that I could wear all of them. But I love them. My mother was the same age as Elizabeth Taylor and adored her. I can look back and see how she emulated her looks.

    Good post!!

  10. Happymother says:

    I loved this so much!! It was such a big joy for me, and now I love your blog. It is always a big pleasure for me reading it !!!

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