NoH Does Bold Color Combos

Yay!!!  It is the very first edition of our personal style fashion posts aka “NoH Does”.  This is where I show you how to wear trends as a real person and share some street style shots.  Ready?  Let’s do this!

Today we are going to look back at our Spring Fashion Report (Part 2) and more specifically the bold color combos for spring.  And guess what, I am going to model them for you (Yay!!! Actually, no, I was wildly uncomfortable doing this, but for you, my beloved North On Harper readers?  There ain’t no mountain high enough….)!


Out and About/ Blue & Purple

What I am wearing:

  • Blue Sweater, Banana Republic
  • Purple Skirt, American Apparel
  • Silver clutch, Matt & Nat
  • Orange Bangle, ?? this was a gift!
  • Silver Flats, Via Spiga


Weekend Afternoon/ Turquoise Green & White

What I am wearing:

  • Turquoise Sweater, Target
  • White Shorts, J.Crew
  • Green Bracelet, another gift!
  • Light Blue Wedges, Target


Dinner Date/ Periwinkle & Red

What I am wearing:

  • Periwinkle Shirt, American Apparel (I think!)
  • Necklace, vintage
  • Red Skirt, Maria Bianca Nero
  • Nude Peep Toes, Guess

Alright!  Hope you enjoyed the first of our Saturday Posts!!!   Lukus and I will work on improving the photos (he was kind enough to be my photographer!). And yes mom, next time I will wear concealer under my eyes!!!


  1. LOVE every outfit! I used to have a skirt a lot like the red one, always loved wearing that skirt! Thanks for the incentive to get on that treadmill again today. Beautiful model and photography too. :-)

  2. you look great!!!

  3. You look so pretty! This was very daring – some people won’t even put photos of themselves on their site, much less shots like these.

    I do wish there was a little more light, though, so I could more clearly see the colors.

    • I know!!! I was frustrated about how the lighting came out. Consider this Saturday post a work in progress!!!

  4. Ack! I want it to FEEL like spring (I’m in MN, and it’s a measly 10 degrees). Your spring fashion is making me jealous!

    -stopping by from blogfrog!

  5. You look like you were having fun! That’s what fashion is all about.

    You know what I say?

    …shop, shop, shop

  6. Happymother says:

    You really look fabulous, I like your style!!

  7. The white shorts are awesome! I could NEVER wear them (thanks Kids) but they are cute, cute, cute.

  8. Thanks for illustrating some of the spring colors for this season. I like how you put together basics, to really illustrate the colors!

  9. Love that red skirt. The fit is perfect!

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