Ravishing Red

The color red was all over the Oscars last month- and I am not just talking about the carpet.  Since then I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate red into wardrobe and home, especially as we move into spring.  This is more challenging than not, since red walks a thin line between intense and holiday.  But, after spending day/night slaving over finding the right balance— well, I think I have found some great examples!  The key is to use an orangey red and only in pops, so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.  And there you go!  The perfect spring red!  Enjoy!

Image from Elle Decor, November 2010. Photo by William Waldron.

This otherwise neutral room is given some extra personality with the large red artwork.

Thakoon "Backgammon Printed Silk Dress" ($990). Available on Net-A-Porter.

The dress’ pale orange background softens the otherwise intense red pattern running through the garment.

Tuleste Market "Long Braided Marble Necklace" ($135). Available at Shopbop.com

This necklace has an exotic feel to it without coming off as a piece of costume jewelry like a brighter piece may.

Image from LonnyMag.com March/April 2011.

I love the texture in this red-orange wallpaper- and the large white artwork breaks up the space so that the wall is not overwhelming.

Winter Kate "Passenger Floral-Print Maxi Dress" ($285). Available at Cusp.com.

This dress’s print feels very retro.  Paired with tan wedges, this look requires minimal energy and results in maximum impact.
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  1. Happymother says:

    I like this new red very much, in fact I bought myself orange canvas pants!!!

  2. I love the red wall!!!

  3. Following you here from the weekend blop hop :) Thanks so much for linking up.
    Loving your site and now following you on google reader. It’s such a coincidence… you won’t believe it, I’m wearing red today, land up on your site featuring the ‘ravishing red’ and it’s my favorite color too :)

  4. Oops don’t see google reader anywhere, twitter it is :)

  5. Love all the red and coral this season.

  6. I love that last dress. So wish I had the boobies for it. Gorgeous.

  7. I’m here from the weekend blog hop also. I love red and need to wear a lot more of it. It seems like I have more energy and vitality when I do.

  8. It is funny- red kind of scares me as a color. But in this orangey incarnation, it completely intrigues me!

  9. Hello…on a blog hop…nice blog…


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