Runway To Room: Cate Blanchett

I have not been able to get Cate Blanchett’s Oscar dress out of my head.  It is Givenchy Haute Couture and true to this designation the gown on Ms. Blanchett is art.  The whole look is put together so elegantly that I can barely handle it.  The hair; the make up; the bracelet- it is just so sophisticated.  Now that I have finished gushing- let’s be real. Most people would look crazy in this dress.  It takes someone with a certain presence to pull this off and Cate Blanchett is definitely that someone.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture. Photo via Harper's Bazaar/ Getty Images.

As for us mere mortals, I think this dress may be better suited translated into home décor.  And, you’re in luck, because that is exactly what we are doing today on North On Harper!  That’s right, like I did with Emma Stone’s Golden Globe look, I am taking Cate Blanchett’s Oscar look into your abode.

Image from

Okay, I know you are looking at this and thinking, “Alexis, I don’t get it!  The colors don’t translate!” or at least that is what Lukus (my husband) asked when he saw it.  But, what I was focusing on is how the mirrored & trellised closets frame the bathroom entrance, similarly to the frame cutout in the Givenchy gown.

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Seriously, does this even need explanation?  It is basically an exact translation of the dress!  From the obvious colors, to the column like curtains that mimic the dress’ skirt, to the mosaic that correlate with the gown’s embellishments.  This room is a spot on translation of Ms. Blanchett’s Givenchy.

Image by Antoine Bootz for Metropolitan Home.

The gown’s appliqué details are interpreted in this room in the form of textures and patterns.  Like the dress it is these detail that take the room from ordinary to unexpected.  This is actually a great design lesson, because by integrating different textures into a room you are adding elevated dimension to it.

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  1. Happymother says:

    I like this lila very much! Great combination!

  2. Thank you! I also find these photos inspiring for our place!!!

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