Spring Showers: All About Baby

If you’ve visited NoH recently you know: I am BEYOND excited that spring is here.  So when my friend Nadine asked for help planning a baby shower, I couldn’t resist a spring woodland theme.  Think Bambi, but without the sad parts.  I figured this is both seasonal and gender neutral, making it more accessible no matter the audience.

The Invite:

Invite from Petite Alma for TinyPrints.com

I love this invite because it is whimsical and sweet, without being overly cliché (i.e. no rubber duckies and diaper pins!) and it fits in perfectly with our theme!

It is important for the host to include the following info:

  • Mother’s name
  • Date/ Time/ Location
  • RSVP info  (note:  If you are receiving the invite- remember to do this!)
  • Where the mother is registered

The Décor:

(Tablescape from DwellsStudio.com, Rabbits from Potterybarn.com, Deer from ToysRus.com, Blocks from LaylaGrayce.com)

I wanted to keep the décor fanciful and childlike.  Plus I like the idea of the mother-to-be taking the items home after the shower to use in the nursery (assuming she isn’t planning a “Trucks and Trains” or “Princesses and Castles” style room).  For example, the rabbits can become bookends and the deer a cherished stuffed animal.

The Activities:

Baby showers typically last 2 to 2½ hours.  In addition to the actual gift giving/ opening (yes, like any other shower, a baby shower is meant to shower the expectant mother with gifts!), it is great to include activities.  There are about a million games available.  I recommend sticking to one or two short ones (you can find several here).

David Stark Twig Topiary from WestElm.com

Creating a memento for the mom-to-be is also a great activity.  For this shower my suggestion is an advice/well wishes tree.  This topiary can be set up on a table with paper leaves attached to string and pens.  The guests can each create a note for the mother/ baby.  This can then be displayed in the baby’s nursery.

The Food:

Paula Deen's Recipe For Carrot Cupcakes from Smithfield.com

This of course all depends on the time of day for the shower.  I recommend either hosting a brunch or an afternoon tea.  Keep things simple by preparing a buffet.  People can pick and choose and continue to mingle without having to deal with assigned seating or other ambience killers.

As for dessert?  I suggest carrot cake cupcakes.  Perfect for our woodland theme.  Plus, who doesn’t love cream cheese frosting?  Check out this yummy recipe from Paula Deen.

The Favors:

Mini Grow Pot Kits from Target.com

The problem with favors is no matter how much people love you, they do not want your baby’s initials on a paperweight (okay, maybe they do, but only if ‘they’ are the grandmas-to-be!).  So, that leaves you with two options: something edible or something a bit more entertaining and functional.  I am currently loving these little mini grow pots that come with different seeds (everything from roses to sunflowers).  I was lucky enough to be gifted one by my friend Jessica Wenger (of the Spring Fashion Trends) and I think they are the perfect compliment to our theme!


  1. I love the idea of a flower pot for a party favor! Cute, functional and within the baby shower theme of “new life.” Love your take on the baby shower!

  2. Love the invitation, very sweet. I am not a big shower party games lover so 1 or 2 short games is just perfect.

    You can never go wrong with delicious cupcakes. They look pretty, they taste yummy and they are easy to serve.

    Sounds like the perfect baby shower to me.

  3. These are some great ideas for a baby shower! Love it.
    I’m visiting you from “Follow me Wednesday”


  4. Happymother says:

    I love the invitation and I would love to celebrate these parties here in Germany.
    It is a very nice tradition, we really should take it over, like halloween etc.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!! you are amazing!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the theme, the decor and the favors. I’ll have to pick your brain for advice on this year’s Easter…we’re having a green Easter at my mom’s house…not sure what to put in the plastic eggs (that we’ll be re-using from many, many years of Easter activities)…its got to be sustainable, yet fun :)

    great work, Alexis!!

  6. I love the advice tree! What a cute idea!

  7. The topiary is adorable, and the mine flowerpots are an excellent idea! Love the photos – very nice post :-) (Those rabbits at the top I find especially endearing….I want one! )

  8. The best baby shower game that I have ever played was Present Bingo. You have your guest fill out a bingo card with items they think the mom-to-be will be getting and then she starts opening presents. It makes the gift opening process so much more entertaining than just oohing and awing over each gift.

    Also I would say the tree is cute but I don’t know if it would be a really good nursery decor item. Little ones are up and about quicker than you think and you would have to have a special high shelf to put that on. One suggestion instead that I loved from my shower, diapers with good wishes from my friends. You get a pack of newborn diapers and have people write sweet notes with a sharpie. I loved these every time I saw and used them. Some were sweet and some were humorous.

  9. Great ideas and post for never hosting a baby shower before! Love the topiary idea! If I may add an idea to that and put a note on the invite or tell them when they rsvp that they’ll be asked to write a message to the mom so they may want to write something down before they come. It’s happened to me a few times and all of a sudden I can’t think of anything and then write something really dorky! Awesome post!

    • Thanks Nan!!! But I have a confession I “co-hosted” my cousin’s shower. However, I was not part of any of the planning as my mom and sisters (the other hosts) live on the other side of the country from me. I did however hand my cousin the gifts to open and I also baked french toast bread pudding :)

  10. You are like the modern day martha stewart of our time but not as annoying or uptight. Seriously, that’s a compliment. :) You always have the cutest ideas and more original and put-together themes.

    • awww Caity— you are too sweet! I totally take it as a compliment! (And confess: I have my uptight moments!)

  11. You did an awesome job!! I love the invites, decor, and the favors!

  12. This is amazing! The invites are gorgeous. If I was a mom to be this is exactly what I would love. Too bad those days are passed for me.
    You did a great job!

  13. such sweet inspiration for a party…i love the muted colors and the flower pots as favors…thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded.


    stuff and nonsense

  14. Hoping over from Magnificent Monday. Thanks for stopping by. I love baby showers and wish I could have planned mine! I love that these are simple and do not scream baby!

  15. Such Spring-like things!!

    I am blog hopping today and thought I would stop by your blog.
    Hope to see you at my blogs!!
    Have a blessed day! :0)

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