Sunday Brunch

I am really enjoying the weather in Southern California right now and it seems the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is also moving into spring.  It is so great to get outside and spend time in nature.  It’s kind of like coming out of hibernation with friends as well.  Suddenly everyone is feeling a lot more social!  With that in mind I am dying to host some sort of Sunday brunch.  Unfortunately, I do not have a big outdoor space, let alone imminent plans to host a brunch (although that may change soon!).  But, what I do have is a massive imagination.

So, if I were to have a brunch the table setting would look something like this:

Ahhhh…. Now to convince Lukus that we need to be doing this! :)





  1. Happymother says:

    It looks fresh and very elegant. Enjoying the brunch with some good friends would be a great pleasure!!!

  2. Soooooo pretty!!!

  3. I think everyone has a touch of spring fever these days. I love your idea of a springtime brunch. What a lovely, beautiful way to usher in the new season!

  4. Aw, I love it except for the birds- birds freak me out. But I do love the rest. Especially the purple pitcher and glasses.

    Love sunday brunches!

    • your comment on the birds made me laugh! As for the glassware: I love Blendo it is so retro chic and there is a ton of it on Etsy!

  5. That is so pretty.I love hosting and attending brunch. I am looking forward my Easter brunch next month. I always combine it with treasure hunt for kids to get their appetite.

  6. love that beverage set I have one something like that but glasses are all different in pastel colors

  7. I love the birds. At the brunch it will probably be the conversation starter.

    Hope you can find a reason to host a brunch, and maybe show off your sills to your friends!

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