Wine Of The Week (24)

Prepare to have your mind blown.  I should open this Wine Of The Week by explaining that David (our sommelier) sliced his finger open and is hopped up on pain pills.  It is really the only justification for this week’s wine.  Or at least, that was my initial reaction when he told me about it.  This week’s wine is a wine in the box.

Are you still reading?  Oh, good.  Cause this is actually totally worth it.  The wine is Bandit Pinot Grigio, Califorina, N.V. and it is sold in a 1L box (a normal bottle size is 750mL, so this is 1/3 larger).  And it cost just $7!!!!  When David first told me about it my exact reaction was “A box wine?! Seriously?!?!?!?!”  David explained, “Think bargain wine from reputable vintners .  Recession wine.  Breaking Stereotypes.  And it is better than the oh so popular Santa Margarita– and a whole lot cheaper!”  So, if you are willing to let go of your pride, give this crisp, clean, everyday drinking wine a try!


  1. I hold no judgement. Good wine comes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I’ll have to try it!

    Marcy @ Life’s Gristle

  3. Where can you find it?

    ~ Amanda
    (new FB follower via Monday Madness)

    • if you click on the link above it takes you to the wine at BevMo…. you can order it that way or visit your local store. According to the distributor it is pretty readily available throughout the US

  4. I love Merlot (everyone who knows me knows how much!) and many good labels now sell wine in boxes. We get it because it tastes as good as the bottles and it is biodegradable, cheaper often, too. I recall when people thought screw taps on wine meant it signified a bad drop, but not now.

    Here from the hop to say his and follow ( you discuss wine what can I say ;S)

    Shah for X

  5. I love a good wine at a good price. I will definitely try it out. Stopping by from the Thirsty Tues hop :)

  6. I don’t discriminate. Yummy wine comes in all shapes and sizes :) Thanks for the tip!

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