Cocktail Couture

When I think about the ultimate chic party, I think of cocktail parties.  My father work’s in the hotel industry and as a result my parents were always attending these swanky soirees.  I remember being a little girl and watching my mother get ready for the events (of course that was the 80s so the look usually involved shoulder pads and big hair) and just being in awe.  I would go into her closet, try on her high heels and imagine the day that I would have an excuse to wear such amazing garments.

These days, I still consider a cocktail party wildly chic.  And while I love the food, the ambience, the drinks and the conversation, it is the clothing that I still adore.  Let’s not kid ourselves- more than just about any event, cocktail parties are a fashion show.  I think it is because the environment is less formal than a black tie event, allowing the partygoer to push the limits and take greater risks.  Dresses are sleek and paired with unexpected accessories.  The shoes are a statement all their own.  And hair and makeup have practically no rules.

These dresses are so inspiring that they’ve got me planning a party right now (I should probably warn Lukus!):

Factory by Erik Hart "Asymmetrical Dress" ($165),

Pisaaro Nights "Beaded Mesh Sheath Dress" ($158),

Shakuhachi "Bandage Lace Back Dress" ($359),

Halston Heritage "Floral Cocktail Dress" ($395),

French Connection "Summer Annie Dress" ($168),

(For additional information click on images)


  1. Love the beaded gold dress!

  2. That beaded gold dress is amazing! Now I want a cocktail party too!

  3. That HH number is tres gorgeous!

  4. Oh I love cocktail parties! I’ve never been to one, my friends are not chic enough but I can’t wait until I have the chance to dress up so sophisticated and sexy. I love your picks!

  5. I love the gold mesh dress – I would have loved this one when I was young…… and now :)

  6. Never been to a cocktail party actually… really not my thing! Still, I adore the first dress! :)

  7. Oh I would wear all of them! Haven’t been to a swanky party in a long time. But you never know!

  8. I love the bandaged lace back dress. I do love to get dressed up and go to a party. There is something wonderful about just being able to mingle and feel beautiful for an evening.

  9. Loving the nude Shakuhachi dress :-)

  10. I love that first dress. I’m actually in the market now for some cocktail type attire. Just tonight there was an event & I had NOTHING that I could wear. Luckily my husbands wallet was saved because our sitter backed out. But I’m on the lookout now.

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