Fashioned Home: Traditional Meets World

Yesterday the collaborative effort between LonnyMag and Traditional Home, TradHome launched.  I am going to be honest:  I was skeptical.  So often Traditional design, while beautiful, feels inaccessible and overly formal.  But the designers featured in the inaugural issue of TradHome shared spaces that were rooted in history but still felt fresh and affable.  So much so that it inspired the kickoff of a new feature called Fashioned Home.  Basically, it is a fancy way of saying I took a bunch of elements to create a room on a mood board.  So, without further ado, I give you: Fashioned Home: Traditional Meets World.

The combination of colors and textures feels both fresh and vibrant. Meanwhile the traditional pieces (the sofa and chair) give the room a sense of presence that keeps it from looking like an imports store.

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  1. I love it! It’s a great mix… Many layers. that Ruby Lane chair is incredible!

  2. I love the throw pillows and the rug! I could just imagine all the stains that would show on that beautiful sofa from my 2 little ones:)

  3. Totally love that chair. I want one *bad*. The white sofa is great too – I have a similar one in my living room and love it.

    Oh – & I also want that lamp :-)

  4. I do like the mix of styles, they complemented each other well!

  5. That should say “complement”

  6. I love the crushed velvet chair! And the rug is fabulous!

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