Haute Honeysuckle

Notice how every year there is a color that seems to dominate everything?  It is at every décor and every clothing store?  Well, Pantone forecasts this color annually.  And this year we can expect to see a whole lot of Honeysuckle.

Honestly when this color was first announced, I was a little bummed.  I am not big on pinks and frankly tend towards cooler palates.  Plus I was scared that my normal infatuation with décor magazines and interior design stores would be dampened by the excessive amount of pink.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised.  The pops of honeysuckle are fresh and fun and slightly daring!  Plus it seems to work in a variety of different styles.  From the full on Honeysuckle rooms, to the fun accent color, here are some of my favorite examples:

Image via LonnyMag.com

Image via RueMag.com

From Jonathan Adler's book "My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living" via ElleDecor.com

photo by Scot Schy, via HouseBeautiful.com

Image via Fashionableinteriors.blogspot.com


  1. oh I’m so excited we’ll see it all over this year, so pretty!

  2. Definitely like it as an accent color, but full honeysuckle walls kind of make me feel like I’m living in a Barbie fantasy!

  3. I love color – can’t wait to get painting all these walls of mine :-)

  4. I love colour and am quite adventurous – in clothing and decorating ! I love this new colour!!

  5. LOVE those rooms! I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer. :) I think it’s a really pretty color, I didn’t even know honeysuckle was a pink (it sounds like some kind of yellow)!

  6. I love the color, and I have a room similar to the first picture (the wall at least) so maybe I should pair the colors.

  7. I would not want a whole room of it… but as an accent it’s nice!

  8. Pink is one of my all time favorite colors. I love the wallpapered room & that last picture.

  9. I love Honeysuckle and I love the fact that little accents go a long way. I agree with Jennifer….wouldn’t want to have the whole room, but few walls and accents would make a space look very pretty.

  10. I love pink!

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