In A Clutch

I am one of those people who tends to carry a large purse.  Lukus hates it, because he is convinced that it is actually some sort of black hole where things go to disappear.  I disagree.  In fact I would argue that my bag only contains the most essential of essential items.  In fact, when the times arise where only a cute clutch will do, I have no problem paring down my items!  After all there are the things I like having in my purse- and then there are the essentials!

The essentials:

Lipstick/ Lip Balm: Whether you are going for a dramatic lip or a nude one, keep one of these handy.  That way eating, drinking and a great deal of talking won’t result in dry, chapped lips.

A Compact: A mirror is a lifesaver, check your teeth, check your makeup or check out the person behind you.  I always have a mirror on me- maybe because I have a way of getting things all over my face.

I.D.: This one may seem obvious, but something that is often forgotten.  And while I am id’d less and less these days (tears), I don’t want to risk being caught without it.

Cash/Card: Like your lips, this one comes down to preference.  But it is easily forgotten in your everyday wallet.  A huge faux pas after you say, “this round is on me!”

Mints: No matter if you suffer from halitosis or a delusional variety, fresh breath is a must.  I am fond of the Altoids Smalls– they are petite, but pack a punch.

Safety Pins/ Mini Sewing Kit: This one depends on your skill level.  And I know, the need for these are so rare.  However when that moment comes, please remember to come back here and tell me how right I was.  No one wants a dreaded ‘wardrobe malfunction!’

Where To Shop:

  • French Connection “Cleo’s Haze Clutch” ($158),
  • Ann Taylor “Exotic Foldover Clutch” ($118),
  • Moyna “Ikat Beaded Clutch” ($156),
  • BCBGMAXAZRIA “Reversible Sequin Envelope Clutch” ($128),
  • Lauren Merkin “Georgie Painted Snake Clutch” ($250),


  1. I love the idea of clutches but always am apprehensive about not having my hands free. I prefer to have a shoulder strap, although I do think purses with shoulder straps aren’t nearly as cute as clutches!

  2. I have several clutches – but must admit to always carrying a large shoulder strap (okay – it’s a piece of luggage really ) I always love clutches with the little snap on top, and the envelope styles are so sleek and chic.

  3. Happymother says:

    Dear Alexis, we have so much in common- not only our birthsign…I love huge bags, but for some special events( like weddings;-)) I take my clutch!

  4. That ikat beaded number is going to haunt my dreams…GORGEOUS!

  5. What is you opinion on the over-sized clutch? I feel that they would be annoying to carry around? What do you think?

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  6. I feature some fun eco-chic clutches today. Long live this fashion staple!

  7. I would love to carry only a clutch, but somehow I am guilty of being in love with huge purse a.k.a. black hole,lol.Everywhere we go my kids win every scavenger hunt cause they can find it all in my purse (true story).

  8. They are all great. Over the years, I have been able to downgrade the size of my handbags. Honestly, after carrying a diaper bag, everything seems smaller. I am always drawn to big purses, but love clutches. As a mom, I still have a hard time carrying a clutch for more than special evenings.

  9. You forgot phone and keys! I wouldn’t leave the house without them. I usually carry a small purse, so a larger bag goes in the car with all the big, heavy things, like water bottles and makeup kits.


  10. Haha, I just realized I own NO clutches even though the purse I use is pretty small!

    xx In Between Seams

  11. Nice list…can I add Bandaids?? In case the night goes on a bit longer and you can feel that Blister poping up! Fun post!

  12. So true about lip balm. Whenever I forget mine at home, I go nuts! Also, good call on the bandaids, nydontleaveme. I personally carry around oil absorbing sheets too, esp. during the summer.

  13. Congrats on being included in links a la mode yet again!

  14. I shall be using my favourite clutch for a wedding next week and this has been a good and organised reminder on what to take in it. Only problem is that I don’t think I can fit my compact…not my iPhone… insert sad face

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