Lavish Leather

Lukus desperately wants a leather chair.  Something about being a man.  And while I am a woman, I do know what he means.  There is something luxurious and distinguished about leather.

So, while I was browsing leather chairs on, (just window shopping- we do not have the space or budget for a leather chair) I came across this:

Mantiques Modern "Abercombie Leather Rhino Footstool" ($2200),

Yes.  It is a leather rhinoceros.  It is also an ottoman.  And I love it.  Too bad it is $2200.  Just a little out of my price range for leather rhinoceros ottomans.

But, it did get me thinking about all the other fantastic forms leather can take.  And here are a few examples:

Horchow "Black Leather Desk" ($1998.90),

Now this desk paired with a Lucite chair could be pretty fantastic.  Plus, I am pretty sure it increases productivity.

Ralph Lauren Home "Embossed Leather Table Lamp" ($900),

I love how the classic embossed leather style is paired with the contemporary metal and shade.  This lamp is a great bridge between the old and new.

Orvis "Jordan Leather Rug, 5x8" ($549),

The way in which this leather rug is woven makes it look like a mosaic.  But my favorite part is that it is made of vintage Turkish upholstery leather.  So basically you are recycling.

Urban Renewal "Recycled Leather Clock" ($39),

Speaking of recycling, let me introduce you to a new take on the cuckoo clock.  Like the rug, it is made of vintage leather and because of that every one purchased will have its own distinct character.

Archipelago "Private Reserve 'No. 107' Leather Soy Candle ($65),

And last but not least, the leather candle.  Okay maybe not actually leather, but just as good!  Cause after all, one of the best things about leather is its smell!







  1. Leather candle? Hmm, that’s different! The rug is pretty cool. But there is something about a leather recliner! Leather is out of my budget as well. Corduroy is about my budget at the moment.

    Coming over from Friendly Friday and following!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, I am stopping over and following on the Frugal Friday hop. I loved this!! The Rino is so fun and unique! I liked the way the items kept getting less and less expensive, and I really do like the idea of the clock, until you get to the candle and the price goes back up. The folks who make it must know how much people like that smell, kind of like “new car” smell. :) Hope you have a great day!!

  3. I have never seen a leather candle. I love the rhino! It is so out of my budget and would not match with my small NY space. It would look great in a man’s room.

  4. I don’t I’ve ever seen a leather cuckoo clock! I *love* the rhino though. (Though, as you said, not the price!) Not exactly a priority right now, but very cool.

  5. One day the rhino will be mine. Good find Lex!

  6. Gosh that rhino is gorgeous and way out of my price range! haha

  7. That rhino is truly awesome. I want it…

    Visiting from FTLOB comment love :)

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