NoH Does: Stylish Showers

This week’s NoH Does is based off this week’s Stylish Showers post and the super cute rain gear that helps to battle those rainy April days.  And for this post I have called on the wildly talented stylist Jessica Wenger to strut her stuff.  After all, if she is going to be sharing style rules and forecasting trends, she better practice what she preaches.

So let’s check out Jessica’s rainy-day style!

Now this is spring rain gear!!! I love how the colors of the trench and boots are vibrant and fun.  I am not sure you could be in a bad mood wearing these colors!

OH!!! And another turband!!!  Have I told you how clever I think these are?  Plus for a wet day it’s perfect for hiding frizzies!!!

So you are wondering, “where did she score such fantastically vibrant finds?”  Well, when you are dealing with a stylist it’s nothing but the best:  Burberrry trench and Coach boots.

While Jessica is not a blogger she is an amazing LA based stylist.  If you are looking to hire her, please just send me an email and I will put you in touch!

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  1. Cute raincoat and boots!

  2. Oh I love the boots!

  3. wow, loooooove those boots and the awesome turban and red rain coat…adorable!

  4. Great boots! I think a cute pair of wellies make rainy days so much more fun!

  5. Those boots are fabulous! And thanks for the ideas about the work. I’ve already looked into private doctors but hospitals are a good idea.

  6. I love it all. You had me with pink. I need to look into turbands. That’s a great idea for rainy and humid days. My hair starts curling up like Shirley Temple and this would make a crazy cool fix it.

    • I found a “do it yourself” tutorial online that I want to try out… if it is any good I promise to share!

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