The Wild West Of Accessories

The Cowboy Wedding Weekend if finally upon us!!!  Yes, I know it is Thursday and not technically the weekend, but wedding activities begin tonight.  Our friend Jay, Lukus and myself drove into Arizona LATE last night in order to make it for this evening’s rehearsal (I am a bridesmaid after all!).  The boys spent the drive discussing their cowboy outfits (see HERE and HERE if you don’t know what I am talking about) and I slept, because really there was just too much testosterone in the vehicle.  However, there talk did get me thinking about how to translate the cowboy look into something a bit more stylish.  From there I went on a hunt for great cowboy inspired accessories… these are some of my favorites!

The influence of reigns, horses, fringe and even bullets (‘cause according to my city-slicker husband, “every cowboy needs a gun”) are great nods to Western culture and add a little fun to any ensemble.

Where To Shop:


  1. I especially like the bag – plus it looks nice and roomy and I tend to cart around a lot of stuff 😉
    Have a great time at the wedding,

  2. I love the belt and the scarf!

    And thanks for the encouragement on my swimming endeavors! :)

  3. i LOVE that scarf! xo, shari

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  4. Ooo, have fun at the wedding! It sounds like it should be a really fun event!

  5. Happymother says:

    I love the scarf too! Please post some pics from the wedding.I am sure you’ll look great!!!

  6. I love the bag! A little touch of the west is always fun

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