Timeless Turquoise

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!  Mine was full of family and food, so it is back to the gym for me.  Between stuffing my face and playing with my nephews, I couldn’t help but notice all those Easter decorations.  You know the ones I am talking about—the rabbits, chicks and flowers.  All are painted brightly in springtime colors.  Well it was looking at these colors, particularly the turquoise, that inspired this post.

Turquoise is vibrant, bright and just puts me in a good mood.  Plus, it seems to be a universally flattering color.  I wouldn’t describe it as a trend, because it has been a style staple forever.  Seriously, everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the Aztecs wore turquoise.  And can you blame them?  The stone is said to bring good fortune!  Just another reason to add a little turquoise to your wardrobe!

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  1. What a timely post, especially since the South West trend seems to be in this summer…

  2. Oh I love turquoise. I want to find at least a t-shirt in the color to wear this summer, and I have a necklace with turquoise beads that needs to be finished. Now if I could just get those fab shoes…


  3. LOVE TURQUOISE!!! I have since I was a little girl. Glad this trend is in!

  4. I used to hate turquoise, but it’s really starting to grow on me. I really enjoy it when it’s *not* paired with silver!

  5. I love that color – one of my faves; gorgeous shoes!

  6. I covet those espadrilles! I put them together with a blush colored sundress in a post recently. I feel like they have SO many possibilities!

  7. I LOVE the colour !!! Have lots of it in my wardrobe…. I don’t have the shoes thogh – yet :) ……….

  8. 😮 I adore that ring!!! It’s so pretty, I love aqua with gold. I think I have a new task to complete…find a ring like that! haha!

    Just stopping by from FTLOB!

  9. I love turquoise! So perfect for summer

  10. LOVE! I recently decided I am in need of a big, hippie turquoise ring.


  11. I love turquoise. It seems to have a real staying power in my wardrobe. I has become my go to color for adding “POW” to my outfits. I am loving those shoes. But, as I look over the other comments, it looks as though I will have to get these soon. With this many fans, it may become hard to find. Hee hee!

    BTW, I can relate to your comments about Easter. I am having to walk a bit more this week. Darn those chocolate bunnies!!

  12. So pretty. I love that ring!Your newest follower! Hope you could follow me back. Thanks! http://aimee-girltalk.blogspot.com

  13. Oh, I thought that belt was a bracelet at first. I really like it!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  14. I have constant love affairs with the color turquoise. It’s such a beautiful color. And those shoes & that bracelet have been added to my “items wanted” folder :-)

  15. I love turquoise too, especially in combination with dark blue. You would love the pants I was wearing yesterday, very bright turquoise!!

  16. My favorite shade of blue is turquoise, and it looks good on everyone. Just bought a turquoise YSL Arty ring and I’ve been wearing it like every day!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my post last week. xo

  17. Gosh, I do love this colour. The Dolce Vita/espadrilles are definitely a favourite! Turquoise reminds me of one of my precious grandmother’s jewellery & how it was significant to her growing up. Great colour!

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