Wine Of The Week (25)

Lately our weekly wines have been somewhat demure.  Nice, clean, crisp.  This week’s is the exact opposite.  David describes it as “big, bold and fun.”  It is the kind of wine that wants to be front and center at a party.  In fact, it would probably be mad that I took so long to introduce it.  We are talking about Mollydooker “The Boxer” 2009 Shiraz, Australia.  Even the name gives you a bit of attitude.

The flavors are smoky and spicy and big.  And it is punctuated with the taste of currants and blueberries.  Mollydooker packs a punch- and I am not just talking about the label!  It is available for under $22.


  1. I WISH I could like a Shiraz…..but they are just toooooo dry for me. I guess I will always be a semi-sweet, semi-dry girl. Thanks for stopping by the hut !!

  2. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Oooh, I love Shiraz! I’m definitely more into reds than whites. Thanks for the recommendation :)
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  3. Love the name :-) And anything with an undertone of currants & blueberries sounds lovely.

  4. love Shiraz, will look for this one!

  5. I enjoyed your thoughts on the French wines.

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