Brunch Attire

One of my favorite meals is brunch.  Seriously.  It isn’t the food necessarily (okay, sometimes it’s the food), but the experience of brunch.  Whether at a home (check out our decor ideas!) or at a restaurant, brunch is that meal where you get together with some friends, order a few mimosas and enjoy each other’s company.

Brunch is not an event that you spend hours getting ready for.  Instead, you grab a pair of sunglasses, slide on some easy sandals/flats and throw on the perfectly effortless printed dress.  Voila: instant brunch attire.  The key of course is making sure the dress is equal parts effortless and chic.  And since, you probably won’t have time for serious accessories (unless you are still wearing them from the night before), I recommend a printed version.  As far as cut is concerned: well that is entirely up to you…

But these are some of my favorites:


tibi "Painted Blossom Shift Dress" ($363),


Charlie Jade "Printed Silk Maxi Dress" ($138),


Tucker "Classic Mini Dress" ($336),



Diane von Furstenberg "Flor Dress" ($498),



Willow & Clay "Floral Sundress" ($84),


  1. I love the first shift dress! Sooooooo cute and the print is perfect, definitely something I could wear from day to night! Great post!

    Love C x

  2. Love the Tucker dress (but I think it needs a couple more inches) and the DVF one is probably what I’d pick anyway. Love an easy dress to thrown on for brunch!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love this. And I love brunch. I hated doing brunch at the restaurant but going I’m up for anytime haha

    It’s true, we always tried to make brunch a effortless but elegant affair with the food seeing as your walking around getting what you like and drowning in a bit of champagne. I wish more people looked like this then hungry hung over grumps :)

  4. Love the “Flor” dress by Furstenburg & I haven’t been a fan of many maxi dresses, but I do like the Charlie Jade dress, shown here!

  5. I agree! Brunch is my preferred meal on the weekends or any day really. I absolutely adore & would wear the printed Charlie maxi, the polka dot one and even the sundress! You’re right, it’s a fun time where you really don’t have to prepare or try too hard, yet still be styled comfortably.

  6. AH!! I love the first and the fourth dress so much I yelped out loud…seriously, yelped out loud!

    Brunch is kind of my fave too!! I love that that it’s such a meal of leisure :), as you’ve you described. Easy breezy.

  7. Love the Tibi dress. Brunch is a huge favorite of mine too, mainly so I can order eggs Benedict. Sunday we did just that After being at Wango Tango all night I got up threw on jeans a cute tee, sunglasses (to hide the eye makeup I didn’t wash off) & wedges so I looked like I put “some” effort into it. Went to this great place called Sweet Butter. Loved it.

  8. I love brunch too (especially when it involves pancakes:) I love the Tucker dress!

  9. OMG!!!! I am in love with that first dress. It is soooo me. The colors are perfect. The ease, comfort, with the flat sandals. It’s calling my name.

  10. That DVF number is sooooooo delicious!

  11. I love the tucker mini dress, super cute! I heart brunch too btw.

  12. I love this post! Now Im in the mood for a mimosa, lol. I WANT that DVF dress.

  13. I’m afraid most of the time when I have brunch with my family (which is usually every Sunday because breakfast happens so late!) I’m in my pj’s and a robe! The dresses are very cute though. I look forward to the entries – unfortunately I have nothing in my wardrobe that’s even close to one of those cute dresses.

  14. Let’s go to brunch sometime! :) I love these looks… especially the last dress. I would totally wear that!

  15. I am all over that Tucker dress – it’s the perfect reason to become a lady who brunches!

  16. I love brunches too! I always go out for brunches with the girls!

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