Lucid New York Giveaway

Are you ready for this?!?!?!  North On Harper is having its first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! WooHooo!!!

That’s right, we are combining forces with Anna Sabino of Lucid New York jewelry and This Is A Yes fashion blog, to offer you a very fun cocktail ring!

Lucid New York "Frog Cocktail Ring"


Anna’s handmade jewelry is incredibly popular.  In fact, this ring has been featured all over the fashion blogs as well as on the pages of Nylon. Anna was sweet enough to gift me one and let me tell you, it is a seriously smile inducing ring.  First, the frog adds whimsy and humor to any look.  Also, the band is easy to wear (not overly thick or cumbersome), but the stone is still substantial (a requirement of cocktail rings!).  I love the color of the stone- it just screams springtime!

So how do you win this little gem? (Did you see what I did there— whenever I make a pun I realize I am one step closer to becoming my mother.  Sigh.)

Well, it is easy!!!

  1. Follow North On Harper and Lucid New York on Facebook.
  2. Check out Lucid New York’s website and leave a comment HERE letting me know what your favorite items from Lucid New York are!! (I will use to determine the winner)
  3. Then check out North On Harper’s Facebook on Friday the 13th to find out who the winner is!! (You have until 11:59pm Pacific Time, Thursday, May 12th to enter)

Good Luck To Everyone!

Message from Anna: “This cocktail ring is even more beautiful in person, it’s Lucid New York’s best seller.  Wishing everyone good luck!”


  1. I like the flower cocktail rings

  2. I was already following the both of you on facebook! :-) Here are my favorite items

    I love the red rose ring, and since I’m into fashion I would order the gladiator sandal, and since I love singing, listening, and writing music I would love to have the music note necklace

    Live Life in Style

  3. Oh my gosh, what an INCREDIBLE ring! I would love to win this!!!

    I’m already following you on Facebook — now following her too!

    My favorite item, besides this one, is the cupcake necklace!

  4. I like the flying pig necklace. I’ve always had a weakness for flying pigs!
    I’m certain I must be already be following you on fb! I’ll follow her as well :-)
    Lovely glitzy ring!

  5. I looked, and looked, but my favorite has got to be the Frog Cocktail ring. It is perfectly fun and flirty :)

  6. I follow you both on FaceBook & he Camera Necklace & the Frog Ring are my favorites :)

  7. Following both FB pages. I love the seahorse necklace!

  8. Happymother says:

    My favorite is the Frog Ring, but I also like the two Dragonfly Necklace!! Following now both pages!!!

  9. I love that Frog Cocktail Ring!

    Have fun with your first giveaway!

  10. I absolutely adore the frog cocktail ring because I love frogs. My partner even has a pet tree frog! :)

    Following both on facebook.

  11. I am already following you on facebook and now I am following Lucid New York. I think the frog ring is adorable! I also like the rose ring, anchor necklace, and cupcake necklace.

  12. I’m now following you both on facebook (and following you on Twitter. I LOVE the giveaway item. Some other items I like of Lucid New York’s is the green rose ring, the long leaf earrings, and the long snowflake earrings. I’ve now a new follower of your blog!

  13. Following both on Facebook! (Tanvi Barua) and my FAVORITE was the Griffin necklace! J’adore!

  14. Actually the Frog ring is my favorite! Followed you both :) This is such a great giveaway!

  15. Emmy Lou says:

    I happen to like all the items on the Lucid New York web site. Particularly the Orchid cocktail ring as well as the Frog Cocktail Ring I need to win! 😉

    I’m sure my family will want to buy me the Orchid ring!!!!

    Love, love, love your blog!!

  16. Way to go Lexus! You are a bona fide blog star! Will have to check Lucid for star gems…

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Fairy Godmommy

  17. Gorgeous ring!

  18. My absolute favorite is the frog cocktail ring itself! So adorable! I also like the two dragonflies necklace, but so many of the pieces Lucid creates are really beautiful and whimsical.

  19. My favorite has to be the Frog cocktail ring! That one is just too cute! I also love the seahorse one though. I’m following North On Harper and Lucid New York through FB! :)

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