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Lately I’ve been thinking about how true style is well, personal.  Style is not going into a store a recreating an outfit from the mannequin piece by piece.  But instead it is being able to create your own complete look that is neither forced nor careless.  It is the idea that you can take one piece and re-imagine it in several different forms.  And that there are countless possibilities for what the results will look like.

This is the notion that’s behind today’s post.  First, let me say, I LOVE a maxi dress.  I think they are so perfect for warm weather, because they are both easy and versatile.  And this one is no exception.  It is a simple piece that you can throw on with a pair of flips-flops and go.

C&C California "Crochet Maxi Dress" ($128),

However, this post is not about a grey dress paired with flip flops.  If it was, well then there would be nothing else to say!  Instead, what I’ve done below is taken the same simple grey maxi dress and styled it with two different looks.  Now of course the irony is, both looks will in some way share my aesthetic- after all, I styled them.  But they are nonetheless individual looks.

In your own life, are you conscious to rework your clothing, not simply relying on the same outfits over and over again?  Do you value your accessories?  What steps can you take to get out of your box (we’re all in one- they just look different!)?

And if all these questions are more than you want to deal with, then please, feel free to simply check out the wares…

Look 1:

Shop This Look:

  • D&G Gold on Gold Aviator Sunglasses ($134.95),
  • J.Crew Featherweight Cashmere Short-Sleeve Cardigan ($158),
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Tangramarama Rock bag ($478),
  • Ali NY Coated Agate Necklace ($65),
  • Tory Burch Contrast Espadrille Wedge ($175),

Look 2:

Shop This Look:

  • Tasha What A Jem Head Wrap ($38),
  • Michael Stars Fiesta Silk Scarf ($54),
  • NineWest MintCream Sandal (sale $47.40),
  • Lucid New York Frog Cocktail Ring ($40), (Pssst!  I am hosting a giveaway of this ring RIGHT NOW!  Enter it here)
  • Zara Knotted Handbag ($79.90),


P.S.  Did you notice??? While I am a fan of both looks, they are at completely different price points… Just goes to show, you can’t put a pricetag on style!



  1. I love what you did with this Alexis! I’m such a fan of the high-low mix I would take things from both of the looks you created–love that Zara bag and the gold aviators.

    p.s. thank you for your kind words about my blog and for sure, I would love your input on putting together a cute studio when I move back (very soon I promise!)

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I think my favorite is the first look. I love how you can do so much with that dress, the possibilities are endless!

  3. I loved how you styled this dress!
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  4. Naturally I like bits and pieces from both looks – love both bags, though the top is probably my fav, love the scarf in the bottom & that ring! Great looks both!

  5. Very stylish dress! Sadly I can never buy dresses like that because I always have too short legs… I can sew them myself though!

  6. I’m loving the first look. Maxi dresses are my go to when I’m feeling effortless.

    Lauren Nicole of Front Row Spectator

  7. Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my site, we really did think alike today :)
    Loved the idea of adding a colourful scarf to spice up the dress. It’s another thing I could do with my maxi dress, but maybe with no print on the scarf, maybe just a plain colour picking up on one of the shades from the dress xxx

  8. Both looks are great! I love pairing greys and yellows. There’s something effortlessly cool about that combo.

  9. Maxis are a huge part of my warm weather uni! LOVE those wedges!

  10. Love the two different looks. I agree Style is taking a trend and making it your own, it’s finding pieces that you love no matter if they are in season or not, and making them work for your figure. I also love maxi dresses because sometimes when I don’t have time to think about an outfit my go-to is always a Maxi dress. Can’t go wrong with one of them
    Live Life in Style

  11. I’ve always felt kind of “meh” about maxis, but I really like your ideas for pairing them with something other than flip-flops. The second look is closer my own aesthetic: love the scarf!

  12. This is a very inspirational read. It made me think about a lot of things. I love maxi dress but it takes a lot of courage to wear them because of height issues haha.

    I especially love the second look you styled. The white yellow and grey color combination is very stylish and beautiful.

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    My Fair Lady Boutique

  13. I really like the second look and then I looked at the price tags….and I was impressed even more.

    I try to make an effort and change my looks with accessories, but sometimes I just end up throwing something on and head out as quickly as possible… of a busy mom,lol

  14. I love both looks you came up with! The scarf and jewelery in #2 are very “out spoken” and bring so much to such a simple dress. I’m newly following you from the Tuesday hop (I’m a little behind so I’m catching up) swing by my blog sometime if you ever so desire.

  15. Very cute! I like both versions.

    I only have one maxi dress, and it’s a very busy print. It’s such a strong look in and of itself, that it only lends itself to one or two variations. I like it with a denim jacket. If I can get a photo I’ll send it to you! I do really want to take part in your NoH does posts!


  16. i love maxi dresses!!!i have some,two whites and a blue one..and i have a pink one with prints…i will send you a photo!!
    thank you so much for voting for me 😀

    kisses <3

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