NoH DIY: Hair Feathers

I am really excited about this new feature that will start appearing on NoH.  It’s called NoH DIY and basically it is a step-by-step “how to” where an expert teaches me (and in turn you) how to do the installment’s topic.  Make sense?  Well hopefully after checking out the rest of this post you will know what I mean!!

Today we are taking a closer look at fashion trend hair feathers.  I am going to be honest, I was skeptical at whether or not this would be actually be doable, but super stylist Jessica Wenger (remember Dress To Impress?) has proven me wrong!


Hair feathers are like normal extensions... style them however you like!

This is what you’ll need:

  • Pliers
  • Silicone Beads
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Hair Clip

And of course FEATHERS!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Section the hair about an inch below the part in your hair and clip that hair away.
  • Take a section of hair about half the diameter of the silicon bead.
  • Take the wire and make it into a “u”shape and place it under the hair.

  • Connect the two ends so they are sticking straight up.
  • Place the bead onto the two ends of the wire and pull it down through the hair. Hold the bead with your fingers and, with the wire, continue to pull the hair through the bead.

  • Place the feathers on top of each other into the bead so they stick up about a 1/4 in above the bead.

  • Take the pliers and squeeze the bead tight with them. Make sure they are flat with the shape of the head.
  • Use the scissors to trim the quill if it extends too far past the bead.
  • Re-part the hair and you’re ready to sport the hottest new trend!

Lost?  Well, watch Jessica add a feather to my hat—-err, I mean HAIR!


If you are feeling adventurous you can order the feathers and silicone beads from her or if you live in LA and still feel overwhelmed you can schedule an appointment with Jessica.  Email for details!



  1. I like the new diy posts!

  2. I love how-tos! Although I’m not a fan of the hair feather trend, it’s a great post for those who are! Great job.


    Lauren Nicole

  3. Hair feathers! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Reminds me of in the early 1900s when all the ladies had plumage on their hats! Love the vlog!

  4. That’s it!! I’m totally getting feathered again. I don’t think I’d do it myself though… lol Great post! xo

  5. I love the idea of weekly DIY! So funny, this one reminds me of wearing a feather in a braided piece of hair back in high school–I thought I was so cool! Of course now it’s chic again and more high tech!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I love them. I’d definitely get some to go with my pink streaks!

  7. That actually seems pretty easy and it’s a super cool look!

  8. Oh, I’ve heard of those hair feathers! My sister was talking about them but I didn’t think much of it…it actually looks pretty cool (I like the purple one best! lol) :) Now following you…

    I really like your blog – I’m trying to get mine off the ground and was wondering if you could come check it out and consider following.

    Hope you have an *amazing* day! :)


  9. That looks awesome and it doesn’t seem that hard either. Great step by step, Alexis.

    Perfect project for my next girls night. I might even post some pics if it all works out.

  10. wow!!! she makes it look totally easy. i want to do this so badly now!! i’m gonna start searching for the specific feathers i like and see if i can do this at some point. =)

    THANK YOU for the amazing DIY.

  11. Love it! I made some feather extension clips (attached rooster tail feathers to a hair extension clip), that way I can take them out whenever. I have also done the feathers with the fusion clips like you have above, they are fun! Great post!

  12. when i first heard about this trend I really wanted to try out a DIY version but couldn’t think of a good way to do it. honestly can’t wait to try :-)

  13. My friend from Portland knew how to do this and put some feathers in my hair last summer! It was awesome and they looked cool and lasted for like over 3 months until I got tired of them! So fun!

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

  14. I love that you be featuring great diy! I love the feather accent in the hair but I am not quite sure that it would look good with my short hairstyle.

  15. great DIY, I never thought to do it with peacock feathers!

  16. congrats on the links a la mode feature!
    Well deserve, keep on doing the diy 😉

  17. I LOVE a good DIY – so awesome that you will regularly be featuring DIY’s.
    I haven’t seen the hair feather before and I am in LOVE with this idea. I really like feathers, but little facinators aren’t really my style and earring, no matter what size or metal, always bother my ears, but I adore feathers, so I am always buying them, but I have far too many feather necklaces now – so this is PERFECT. Thanks for sharing, I will be attempting this DIY for sure!

  18. I love my feather earrings… I’d have to go a bit out of my box though to try this :)

    Looking forward to the next DIY post!

  19. Wonderful tutorial!

  20. So much fun! Now I need to figure out what event will let me do this!

  21. Why do you have to cut away your own hair though?

    I think it’s really pretty, but I’d never be able to do it myself.

  22. monique clay says:

    I’m trying to use the feathers with short hair since i’m about to get my hair cut short. I think the feathers are so cute!

  23. monique clay says:

    I see the demonstrators polish is the shattered or the crackle at thats what it looks like its suppose to be. Up close it looks aweful! Of course i would notice that i am a manicurist.

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