NoH Does: Keen For Khaki

NoH Does is back!!! This week I’ve got some great modernizations of khaki.  Based on my post Keen For Khaki, we’ve got some great uses for khaki that are not your average school uniform.  Enjoy!

This is Stacey from New York Don’t Leave Me.  How cool is she?  I love that she mixed a casual layer khaki long-sleeved-tee with some super chic shoes. Styled with the Louis Vuitton bag, her look is super easy and cool.  Plus the backdrop of the photo is amazing….

Have you entered the giveaway I am hosting with Lucid New York?  I only mention this because this is Anna, the wonderfully talented jewelry designer behind the ring.  She writes the blog This Is A Yes.  Anna has a sort of reverse schoolgirl look.  Instead of the khaki skirt and blue/grey button down, she’s wearing a great khaki sweater with a flirty blue/grey skirt!   I especially love the color pop of the bag!

SURPRISE!! It’s me!!!! I know, I don’t typically make appearances in NoH Does, but in all my submissions I didn’t get any khaki pants.  And that was simply unacceptable for a khaki fashion post!  If I do say so myself, I think the look is great for running around doing errands.

OH!  And check out the ring!!!

Yes, This is the ring that I am giving away!!!  If you have entered the giveaway, what are you waiting for?!



  1. I like the first outfit! Very stylish. Don’t like high heel shoes though, but the rest is nice!

  2. You look beautiful lady! And that ring is killer!

  3. I love Stacey’s blog, I’m already following here. Both of you have great looks!
    Live Life in Style

  4. I love khaki! I recently went to the mall with my sis to help her pick out a suit and we decided that Khaki was great for the summer! It’s professional looking and not dark (like all my winter clothes). Yay for Khaki! <3 H

  5. I love the first look look, especially the pants. The shoes look painful – I’d prefer your flats 😉

  6. Happymother says:

    I like your style- and the ring looks great on you!!!

  7. I love how you feature the trends and bloggers!

  8. Love khaki. Though some may say I have no fashion sense, I tend to go with the classic looks. My 10 year old says its boring. I’ll have to mix in some of these looks with my khaki wardrobe and see if she calls me a non-fashionista again. Alex, I think you just may save my life :)

  9. Oh. Sorry. I have a syndrome where I automatically shorten peoples names. There is no current cure. Just restraint. Sorry Alexis. I didn’t mean to cut off the ‘is’. :)

  10. Love your Khaki pants and all the other outfits too. I have a great khaki jacket, but like your other submissions no khaki pants. (I’m open to a khaki skirt, but haven’t found one yet.)

    Thank you so much for submitting a camping look for my cute camper roundup. You can see the post here:


  11. I LOVE the first outfit LOVE it.

  12. NoH- seriously love your khaki ensemble!

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