Playing Outside

The weather here in LA has, and is forecasted to be crazy, beautiful all week.  As in, while you read this I will be laying on the beach.  You should be wildly jealous of me… WILDLY.  All that to say: I am kind of obsessed with outdoor living.  As previously mentioned, I do not have a serious outdoor space.  I have a small porch that is nice enough, but nothing spectacular.  But if I had some fantastical yard, I would spend every waking second in it, okay, not every second, but a lot of them.

And here are some of the things I would like to have accompany me in said imaginary yard:

Anthropologie "Knotted Melati Hanging Chair" ($498)

Okay, this hanging chair makes me smile.  And it has this great retro vibe that is kind of fantastic.  Perfect to take a swing in.

CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Dinnerware Collection ($11.99- $29.99)

The tie-dye patterns on these plates along with the fun shape make them quite the eye catcher.  But it is their melamine body that makes them perfect for dining al fresco!

Orvis "Big Sky Cauldron" ($1700)

This is quite the luxurious fire pit, but its cauldron style will protect your grass, while simultaneously creating the perfect place to crowd around.

West Elm "Wire lanterns" (special $50-$58)

These lanterns are both sculptural and functional- a great combination.  I love the idea of not giving up on style, just because you’re in the great outdoors.

L.L.Bean "Horseshoe Set" ($69)

Because you can’t just sit around outside and stuff your face (okay, maybe you can- but you shouldn’t!), a lawn game is in order!  And what’s better than the classic game of horseshoes (especially when it looks this good)?


  1. All these things are great for outdoors! I especially love the bright chair!

    Live Life in Style

  2. I love that fire pit! Hmm.. Maybe I should get it for my yard. xoxo. And, there’s a lot of websites that let you work with the space you got.

    Lauren Nicole

  3. I love you, but I hate you. Once again, I am reminded of how sucky the Midwest is. While your enjoying the sun, I am waiting to see sun. It’s another cold a rainy day. But, since I can’t find any sun here, I’ll just sit back and enjoy all of the great things that you have shared with us. I’m really liking the Calypso line of houswares, I’m going to have to make a trip to Target…like I really need an excuse.

  4. I love outdoors too! But it has to be warm enough… I’m a cold blooded person:) I hate being cold. And yeah, I know I was born in the wrong country..

  5. Hi, following you now after discovering terrific tuesday. Looks like a great blog. Very jelous about the gorgeous weather and outside living. Feel free to check out my blog :-)

  6. That hanging chair is just gorgeous. I wanted those Calypso dishes and they were sold out. Boo!

  7. I am so ready for a nice and warm weather so we can start venturing out more. This is a terrible year in British Columbia…..coldest ever.

    I have been dreaming about owning that hanging chair for years now….not sure why I still don’t have it,lol.

    We bought real (not plastic) horseshoe set and bean bag toss for our boys as a part of their Christmas gift so I can’t wait to take it out and have some healthy backyard competition.

  8. We went down to Santa Monica on Saturday & played on the beach it was soooooo nice. I love that hanging chair. It’d also be pretty fun in a playroom too.

  9. Love the firepit and lanterns especially!

  10. It is a dream of mine to visit LA someday. Gorgeous scenery, fabulous shops, celeb spotting, weather good all the time… Im so living in the wrong place. Im kind of jealous you live there truth be told, it must be so amazing.

  11. Your’re in L.A. What is there to be Jealous of? I grew up down there. Too many people, hot as hell, Stinks, high rent, Smog, smog and more smog, few lakes. If most people from LA ever stood in the forest here in the Pacific Northwest and smelled the fresh air and felt the life here you would never want to go home. You guys are like the frogs in a pot thats being slowly brought to a boil. Unable to know what is going on.

    • It was in reference to the fact that we have beautiful sunshine— I wrote it at a time when the rest of the US was being rained on. And yes, I have traveled all over. And I am not even from LA!!! But its okay, we are all entitled to our own opinion!!!

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