Supreme Sandals

By this time of year your toes should be wiggling in the air with a fresh pedicure for all to see!  And while we took a look at some of my favorite wedges earlier this spring, it is now time to pay tribute the flat.  Because, flats can be fantastic too!   Seriously though.  I love a flat sandal.  Perfect for stepping up your errand look from flip-flops to something a bit more stylish.  And just like the wedges we discussed, there is a great pair of sandals for every budget.

Nine West "Thora" (Sale: $35.40),

I love the bright color and the rope styling of this sandal- ideal for adding a little personality to a casual look.


Seychelles "Anthology" (Sale: $54.50),

The texture and metallic elements of this sandal create interest, while still being neutral enough to wear with anything.


Banana Republic "Lucia" ($98),

There is something about suede that makes it both sophisticated and rustic.  These sandals walk that line perfectly.


Ash "Molly" ($180),

It is the ethnic details that make these sandals a great accessory in a spring/ summer look.


Marc By Marc Jacobs "Graphic Capri" ($220),

The brown leather of this sandal gives it a chic, classic metropolitan feel— just how you should look while conquering the urban jungle.



  1. Love the suede ones. Very nice! I could use a new pair of sandals this summer.

  2. those mbmj sandals are so fierce and really channel the chloe version!

  3. I love the deep purple color of the first sandal. I have to agree, there’s nothing better than a fashionable flat, especially for summer semester.

    Lauren Nicole of Front Row Spectator

  4. Happymother says:

    I love the Anthology ones. And the prices are very good.

  5. Having trouble picking a fave between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sandals. Oh heck, I’ll take all three, please!

  6. My fave is the blue, and lucky for me the price point can’t be beat! It definitely has personality! Who does love a blue shoe?

  7. I love warm weather because I can let my feet breathe. I love the flat sandals but I love the bright blue/purple and the one with the beads!

  8. The “Molly” sandals are my fave!

  9. Great round up Alexis. I am loving those purple rope flats–but would gladly take all of them. I LOVE flats!

    xo mary Jo

  10. I love them all! The color of those Nine West ones are great!

  11. Especially love both piperlime pairs and the suede. They look funky, casual, and dressy all at once. (Yeal I think you can do that <g.)

  12. those purple ones have my name written alllll over them.

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