To Mom With Love

Alright, I know.  You come here looking for fashion and I throw Mother’s Day in your face, but what can I say? I love my mommy.  I do!  So instead of a Met Gala recap, you are going to get a few great gift ideas for mom.  After all, finding the right gift can be a challenge (trust me- I’ve been there).  Hopefully though, I can ease some of your stress by sharing these 5 very different options….

(P.S. Mom, if you are reading this, don’t go thinking you are all clever and that you’ve figured out your gift.  It isn’t here!!!!!! HA!)

My mother helping me into my wedding dress.

Amazon Kindle: This thing is kind of amazing.  My mom has one and is so obsessed she bought one for my husband for Christmas this year and frankly, I am jealous.  It is super easy on the eyes (no backlighting means you can read it in the sun!), you have access to a gazillion books (all of which you can test drive before purchasing) and it is affordable (it starts at $114).  Everyone I know who’s bought one can’t stop raving!

An Immersion Blender: I’ve talked about my obsession with immersion blenders before (here) and I am bringing it back today!   This is not just some glorified blender!! Au Contraire! This thing has completely changed my experience of chopping/ blending/ pureeing or anything else I used to do in a blender.  It is quieter, easier to clean and about a million times more portable.  No more siphoning off soup from the pot to the blender- this does it all in the pot.  Simply amazing.

A Clean House: Whether you hire someone to clean, or do it yourself- this gift can do wonders for an overstressed mom.  However, make sure you kick her out of the house for the actual cleaning, because otherwise she is liable to want to oversee the whole project herself- and where is the relaxation in that?!

Jewelry: This may seem obvious to some, but finding a piece of jewelry that is equal parts sentimental and stylish can be quite a task.  BUT if you can strike that magical balance then you will have given your mother something that she’ll want to wear all the time.  One suggestion would be to purchase a necklace with simple rings on it- with each ring representing one of her children.

Plan A Family Event: Sometimes moms just want to spend time with their families- especially if their family is spread far apart.  If you can all get together come up with some family activity.  Go on getaway (camping, day-trip, whatever!), or have photos taken of you as a family.  These sort of things build memories that will last forever.


Hope that helps!  What are you planning to give your mom for mother’s day?



  1. Meg has also waxed poetic about immersion blenders on our blog. Y’all have me thinking that I need one and so does my mama!

  2. Great gift ideas!!

    Live Life in Style

  3. I’m tempted to get a kindle just because I’ve heard so much about them (peer pressure?? :-) It would be great for vacations I think.

  4. Before we moved to California my mom wanted a Nook. Now she just wants a plan ticket here or for us to come back to Maryland. I’m thinking about getting her some shoes. LOL

  5. I LOVE the blender – seriously what a great idea. I’m getting an apartment for school next year and that sounds perfect! And, I LOVE my kindle – it’s seriously perfect and good for a book nerd (like me!) who carries a ton of books around normally 😀

  6. Great ideas!

  7. Planning a family event sounds like fun – we’ve got a vacation planned for August! :-)

  8. Great gift ideas! I want the kindle!

  9. Clean house or family event BOTH sound amazing to me! You’re such a good daughter…what did you end up giving her?

    • Alexis says:

      My sisters and I each got her a plant for the garden. They are all in Atlanta and spent the day outside planting and pruning and what not… She really loves her gardens (she has a rose one and a vegetable one). I got here a rose bush that everyone says is lovely (I let my oldest sister pick it out!) I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful!!!!

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