Wine Of The Week (29)

We’ve got wine!  I know, this must be wildly shocking to those of you who come here every Sunday for Wine Of The Week, but allow me my excitement- its been a LONG week.  Back to the wine.  David’s suggestion this week is the Quinta Azevedo Vihno Verde 2009.  And to keep things new and interesting this wine hails from Portugal.  Not only that, but it is also a green wine.  Exciting, I know.

So what does it taste like?  Why do you want to drink it?  And all of those pertinent questions!  WELL, according to David, “it is a crisp, clean, and is meant to be drunk young.  Flavors of lemon, lime and green apple.  Perfect for the beach, sitting on the porch, a picnic, camping… basically the perfect summer wine.”  And seeing as LA is expecting a high around 88*F/31*C this may be just what I am looking for!  (Oh and the $10 price tag doesn’t hurt either!!!)



  1. Ooo! Sounds yummy! I will definitely try and find this one. Hopefully my memories of the beach in Southern Portugal will come flooding back with every sip. haha

  2. Okay, I just can not seem to keep up with all of your wine suggstions. This looks like another winner.

    I haven’t looked yet, but have you done a list of your Top 10 favorites? If not, I would love to see that.

    Have an absolutely fabulous week.

  3. Wow! It sounds like a really good wine. To me it sounds like one that’s really refreshing, and I like the fact it can be consumed at a young age! I haven’t had green wine before.

  4. You can actually get some great wine for a good price. We bought a fantastic home made white wine at a restaurant in Parma (Italy) for 10 euros…

  5. I’m seriously getting a note pad just to be able to write down all these wine of the weeks! This is such a great concept to have on a blog and I loveeeeee me some good wine.

    Try marques de riscal 2006 😉 the 2005 is good, but I heard 2006 was a better year. :)

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