Wine Of The Week (30)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!  Hopefully all of you are spending time and celebrating with family.  And if you are, and you don’t live in a state with strict blue laws, then I suggest you run out for a bottle of the Wine Of The Week!

We are talking about the Graham Beck Brut Rose.  It is bubbly, it is a Rosé and it’s from South Africa.  Did I just lose you on the last point?  Well if there is anything I have learned writing this weekly wine post with sommelier David Foss, it is don’t judge a wine based on its origin.  Good bottles can come from anywhere.  In fact, on tasting it, David was reminded of a wine from way back when this feature first started, the Gruet Brut Rose – and that one came from New Mexico!

Back to this week’s suggestion.  David describes it as “affordable, good, fun, elegant and again affordable.”  What does he mean by affordable?  Under $17 a bottle.  Perfect for a casual Mother’s Day toast.


  1. Ah, finally one I’ve had. It is yummy with just the right “nose tingle”

  2. I’m not a great wine fan. But I love some Italian wines. Actually the only good wines I’ve ever tried were all Italian, so now I don’t even try them if they are not Italian!!

  3. I must admit I am not a big fan of bubbly, but I actually had Graham Beck Brut Rose and I really liked it.

    Yes, perfect way to celebrate Mother’s day especially when it is on the same day as your wedding anniversary like mine,lol.

  4. Sounds lovely. Love Cinnamon’s comment. Because the nose tingle factor is very, very important. No nose tingle, and its just ‘nose’ fun :)

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