Wine Of The Week (32)

Wine of the week is here with another unusual, yet enticing bottle of wine.  This one features a grape that hails from Hungary.  And while the Austrian-Hungarian Empire may no longer run Europe, this wine still serves as something to hang their hat on.

That’s right David’s wine this week is the 2009 Hilltop Winery “Craftsman” Cserszegi Füszeres.  Try saying that three times fast.  As David explains, “This is a funky, fun white wine, many have tried to pronounce the name and have failed miserably.  It is dry with slightly floral and citrus notes.”  And while the name may be unattainable, the price tag is not:  this bottle costs about $10.  David recommends serving it with Asian food- possibly some spicy Thai.


  1. That is a great bottle, I love a good name and sticker on my bottles, they can be used again then! I will have to try this next time I have a stir fry!

    Love C x

  2. I hardly ever ever drink wine – yet every week I find myself WANTING whatever you recommend :-) Love the look of the bottle, and find the idea of combining it with spicy Thai interesting!

  3. Now I REALLY want some yellow curry!

  4. Wine and spicy Thai. Thank goodness the rapture waits.

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