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The other day Mary Jo of Trust Your Style shared several images of industrial work/live spaces.  Ever since I read the piece and looked at the photos I couldn’t help but be slightly obsessed with the idea of such a space.  So, I figured that I would take my own swing at putting a space together.  Confession- mine is purely an office… but I threw in a comfier chair and a throw to keep it warm and livable.

Let me know what you think:

All of these pieces are available online (see links below), but I think the key for making an industrial workspace feel genuine is to shop industrial manufacturers and vintage shops.  Incorporating different textures (such as reclaimed wood & steel), with handmade items adds interest to the room.


Shop This Room:


  1. Alexis, I love the finds you pulled together! I have a couple of yours on my list now + a few good flea markets and the studio (when I find it) will hopefully start to come together! Love that you were inspired by the look too!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I love this look. That desk is really nice too.

  3. OMG, that desk…So so gorgeous!

  4. I love the folding library bookshelf. It has a very rustic, almost wearhouse-y quality about it.

  5. That is an awesome collection of industrial items! I love the bookshelf and the chair!

  6. Oh dear! I’m afraid my studio is sort of sad. I wish it was way cool, but it’s mostly just practical.


  7. The industrial wheels are really cool! My engineering mind loves those!

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