A Glimpse of Germany

The last week has been crazy!  Yes, I know I said that when I visited New York, but this past week’s adventures took it to a new level.  Lukus and I traveled to Germany to celebrate my sister’s wedding.  It was beautiful, she was beautiful and the experience was just fantastic.  We visited vineyards, cellars, castles, small villages and cities.  As well as everything in between!  Of course leaving can be such sweet sorrow- especially when a security issue causes your plane to be delayed several hours causing you to miss your connection, resulting in 21 hours of travel from a hotel in Düsseldorf to our home in Los Angeles.  And while I was hoping to write a bit more in depth post for today, jetlag has gotten the best of me.  So instead, enjoy some photos from our trip….

The grapes are just starting to grow in the vineyards along the Mosel River.

A village home with cheerfully painted shutters and flower boxes.

A group of nuns enjoying the outdoors.

Ancient wine bottles in an ancient wine cellar.

Wild boar sniffing around for food.

One of the many fantastic fountains in Koblenz.


  1. that sounds like an amazing trip – the pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures as always. Sounds like a great time. Hope you’re rest up from that nasty jet lag soon!

  3. Aw, the grapes look so cool! How was Germany?! Hope you had an amazing time! I just posted more photos of Vegas! :)

  4. As this summer we’re travelling to Germany, this inspiration is more than welcome and makes me even more excited. :)Ada

  5. oooo! I’m jealous. Not of your jetlag but of your trip. Love the photos! I think the wild boars and the nuns are my favorites!

  6. I’m so jealous! Wow, your pictures are awesome and it sounds like a great trip!

  7. Beautiful pictures. They bring back so many memories. I really need to go back and soon.

    I am glad you had a great trip minus the plane delay and jetlag.

  8. Beautiful Pics! I so want to go to Germany and see a friend from ‘way back’. Positive: Your memories of this trip will be with you forever. Negative into a positive: Your jet-lag will be over before you know it :)

  9. Happymother says:

    Great idea! Love the pic of the nons!! We had such a great weekend. Can’t believe you’re back.

  10. I wish I could visit Germany! I’m so glad you shared the pictures!

  11. Oh I admit it I am so jealous! Glad you had a great time and arrived home safely. I’d love to see some photos of your sister’s wedding!
    Hope that jetlag vanishes soon. :-)

  12. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Wow… gorgeous photos! Makes me wish I was there!

  13. It looks and sounds like it was just wonderful! I can’t wait to visit Berlin and will definitely be asking for your input before I go! Nothing worse than airport delays, but glad you made it back–rest up I’m heading to LA soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Beautiful pictures! I miss Germany, glad that you had an amazing time. :)

  15. Oh how much fun! I fell in love with Germany when I went! You must post more pics!

  16. such gorgeous photos!!! i can’t wait to visit germany sometime sooooon i hope!!! =)

  17. Awesome I’d love to go to Germany!

  18. gorgeous photos! I’m sure your trip was so fun! I spent over 24 hour traveling trying to get home from Brazil. The jetlag definitely takes its toll!

  19. Oh, thanks for sharing!!!!! I love the pictures. I feel like I was there. And I don’t feel sorry for you, one bit for the jet lag. It’s a small price to pay :) Now, go get some sleep :)

  20. Ooops. I meant to add that I used to live in Germany when I was a little girl. Stuggart. Not close to Dusseldorf, but still the same country. I just knew you were dying to know that :)

  21. So gorgeous!! Would love to go to Germany one day. I will have to stalk facebook to see Brook’s photos… I bet she looked absolutely stunning!


  22. hope you had fun! now go get some sleep :-)

  23. Exciting! I can’t wait to see more photos and hear about your trip. I’ve never been to Germany and I’d love to go one day.


  24. These photos are great! I have to say I’ve never had Germany on my list of countries to visit, but after looking at these pictures I’ll have to add it. Congrats to your sister on her marriage!

    Live Life in Style

  25. More photos, please! Wedding photos, please! Glad you guys had such a good time! Love to you and Luko!

  26. I was in Koblenz last month! Love the photos, bringing back some amazing memories

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