A Visit To The Vineyards

So, you are not getting your normal wine post today.  Sad, I know.  But let me explain!  Earlier this week I shared some of my photos from Germany and thought it only fitting that I continue that trend today.  After all, we spent time in the wine village where my father is from making this perfect for a) Father’s Day (Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!!) and b) it is Wine Of The Week day!  All very exciting stuff…

Back to the photos.  As I mentioned, these photos are from the wine village where my dad grew up.  The town is surrounded by vineyards and is one of those postcard-like places.  Two sets of family friends are winemakers and we were lucky enough to tour their vineyards and ancient cellars (and of course, drink their wine!!!).

A view of some of the vineyards.

I love looking at the evolution of barrels used in the wine making process.

These ancient bottles were very intriguing…

Whether in crates or metal bins- there was a lot of wine.

This was the stash Lukus and I brought home… YUM!!!!


Also, the lovely Debra of Debra’s Daily Dialogue (a blog full of inspiration, food and everything in between) has also shared some photos of her husband in hats inherited from his father.  Given this week’s NoH Does topic and resulting post, I thought it only fitting I let you know about her post!


Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!!!



  1. Wow… all that wine to take home. I have to agree that the distinct shapes and evolutions of wine barrels kinda intrigues me too. I love to see the history with the ancient bottles.

  2. that vineyard looks so cozy and rich with history – looks like you had an AMAZING time!!

  3. Happymother says:

    The wine was great- I liked the wedding wine from Richter very much!!!

  4. wow, I wish I could go in a vineyard! And drink some great wine everyday!

  5. Wow I would love to visit, although I am afraid I would never be found again. Also love the ancient bottles, who stashed them and why?


  6. Fun pictures! I love visiting wineries- always a fun afternoon outing!

  7. Awesome pictures to match the awesome good time that you had! I love looking at old packaging too. I know that you are going to enjoy the great wine.

  8. So, I’m super jealous that you got to go to the vineyards. Mind if I sample those wines the next time I come over!? I’ve also decided I need to catch up on NoH so I don’t feel like a totally horrible blogger friend. :)

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