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Can a fashion label currently between designers still be super chic?  Yes, if we’re talking about the 2012 Resort Collection from Chloé.  And yes, the design team stuck with what they know—70s fashion with modern tailoring and fabrics.  Can you blame them?  New head Clare Waight Keller won’t be pinning her name to a collection until the Spring 2012 show.

But none of these factors make Chloé any less cool.  In fact, I would wear basically every item in the collection.  Okay, maybe not the coral suit, but that is because I am not cool enough. The suit?  The suit is plenty cool.  Have I said the word cool enough?  Probably.  So I will quit talking and instead share some of my favorite items from the collection.

Like I said, I am not cool enough for this suit.  But this suit– it is perfect for someone über-cool (or with an Ali McGraw fetish).

This dress has all the drama of color and shape.  And it makes a grand statement on a windy day.

Seriously, sweats?  That I actually want to wear?  This must be a parallel universe.

Confession- I would never wear a denim dress.  Until now.

In case you have missed my previous posts– I love short shorts.  And these are no exception.  Meanwhile, that bag is fantastic.

This dress hits the trifecta: sophisticated, feminine and a little bit sexy.  Yes, please.

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  1. Beautiful. Love the green dress, though I probably wouldn’t wear it. Not cool enough.

    Though. . .I thought of you last night. I went to a blogger meeting and I pulled out a 70 style shirt and some small platform heels, with my dark wide bottom jeans, and I thought, I wonder if I’m pushing it with the 70’s vibe. Maybe, just maybe, you’re rubbing off :)

  2. I love this time of year because of the beautiful resort collections! Have you seen Rachel Zoe’s? Amazing.

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  3. Happymother says:

    Love the green dress!!!

  4. I loooove this collection! I looooooove the green dress!!!!

  5. j’adore! that floral number is so utterly feminine, and I am enamored with the casual sophistication of it all!

  6. In love with the green dress. Color. Silhouette. Would wear it in a heartbeat.
    The ditsy floral dress is so romantic + pretty. Probably too fem for me, but nice eye candy. And one would need a personal wind machine or live on the moors to pull it off correctly.

  7. I LOVE the Coral suite. I have on by Miss Cassidy. I like being different! The green dress is also lovely and I like the soft flowing one at the end.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. That last dress…OMG!

  9. Great collection and that green dress sure makes a statement on a windy day,lol.

    That denim dress brings me back to the 80’s when I used to feel on top of the world in my many denim dresses and jumpers….good old days.

  10. Loving the coral suit! And that last dress–can we share? They have a great archive so it’s really hard to go wrong, although I do miss the personalized fashion-forward direction it’s been going the past fews seasons.

    xo Mary Jo

  11. The coral suit is very cool, and my favorite of the bunch…but I’m not cool enough to wear it either. Purple? Maybe…

  12. I’m not cool enough for a coral suit either. Maybe just the pants? The last dress is so beautiful and feminine. I love this Chloe collection and it is not an exception. :) wishing you a wonderful weekend! Ada

  13. I love that green dress! And the suit? Yes please!

  14. All awesome (or should I say cool?)… as is the shoot location. Maybe if I was put in such a sophisticated locale, my cool-factor would rise a bit? :)

  15. Amazing lookbook! That model is perfect for this collectioN!

    Live Life in Style

  16. Not totally sure what’s going on with the green dress but I love it! Thanks for sharing.


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