I am all about the accessories lately and I am especially obsessed with bracelets.  A trend that has been all over is the layered look.  A combination of thin bands paired with serious cuffs, watches or any variation there of.

Image via "Little Seed, Big Apple"

I have a serious love for cuffs.  After all, even if you opt to go with just one wrist accessory they still make a statement.  Several of my cuffs have been handed down to me from my family members and hold a special place in my heart.  But this isn’t to say I couldn’t add to my collection.  Besides, with a plethora of style options I may never get bored.

Here are some of the fun options:

Where To Shop:


P.S.  Looking to partake in this week’s NoH Does?  This is the topic!  So get your photos in by Friday evening!


  1. Me too! I just bought yet another last week- I think its my fave kind of jewelry, and I just swooned over Vahni’s Tori Burch cuffs, making Wonder Woman look like a light weight. the Citizen Rosebud

  2. As I don’t wear earrings, I always go for a statement bracelet or necklace and your picks are fabulous, my favourite is the gold-black-turquoise one. :)Ada

  3. Hey, hey! We’re on the same wavelength today, aren’t we? I NEED that tribal cuff. Lord. Hotness.

    Thanks for the Twitter shout!

  4. <3 you girl! I am lusting after that Kenneth Jay Lane cuff!!! I would love to see your cuff collection!! :-)

  5. HAAA…Bella’s comment…too funny.

    I NEED that tribal cuff! Hotness!

    Thanks for the Twitter shout—we’re obviously on the same wavelength!

  6. I do love the layered thin and thick cuff look, it looks great! Unfortunately I always end up taking bracelets off–I can’t tell you the number I’ve lost! Kind of like hair stuff for me {another accessory that I’m not able to keep on my head}…but seriously, the cuff is a great trend and it’s nice to see a roundup on it.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I was actually thinking about getting some accessories for the summer! Thank you for the ideas! I really like the one from Aldo, and it’s really cheap (so, it’s perfect for me!)

  8. J’adore the HOH cuff! I have an orange HOH pendant in that pattern. Love!

  9. A great bracelet really can elevate an outfit to another level. I love the tribal cuff too!

  10. Bracelets are my favorite jewelry. (Of course, being an 80’s girl I call ’em bangles) :-) I love wearing an armful of them, chunky and thin!

  11. I’m such a bracelet/cuff and watch fan. I just cannot get enough. I’ve been loving that Shopbop one for a while. Great picks Alexis, love them all. :)

  12. I tried many times to wear bracelets and watches, but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them. I do love the look of many of them and I wore them here and there during my teenage years, but not lately. It’s probably because I seldom get the opportunity to get all dressed up.

  13. I love bracelets! They are my favorite accessory! I decide which bracelets to wear based on my mood. I love big and chunky and thin and dainty. I am definitely a bracelet girl.

  14. Sending over your cuff photo now! I have plenty of bracelets but not sure if any of them are “cuff” worthy. Hmm…

  15. I need some more cuffs!!! Great choice for noh does

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