Fashion Savvy Need To Know

You look the part, consider yourself well versed in the latest trends and know who’s who on the runway.  But there’s more to being truly fashion savvy.  These are the things that maximize our style IQ, while capitalizing on our closets.   And as luck would have it, I have collected a list of 5 things every fashion savvy person should possess.  What can I say- I am just that good 😉

A look at a portion of my shoe collection (yes, there are many, many more- I have a problem).

The 5 Necessities:

A Tailor. Very few (if any) people truly fit clothing off the rack.  Sure there are the few pieces that work, but everything?  I think not.  For instance, I have to get my jeans altered (always too long!).  And if you shop vintage, tailoring is even more essential.  This is because fit has changed over the years and in order to translate a vintage piece into contemporary living, modern tailoring is required.

Good Basics. You know what I am talking about- a white t-shirt, jeans, black pants, etc.  Yes, we all have our own take on the basics (I prefer a dark washed skinny jean) that make them personal, but they are still the fundamentals of any wardrobe.  These are pieces worth investing a little more money in, because they are long term pieces that will be used time and time again.

Accessories. These are what take a look from generic to fantastic (particularly important if you are wearing basics!).  I could wear I white t-shirt and jeans and my styling of them would be completely different than any of yours simply because of the accessories I chose.  This is especially great when you begin to develop signature pieces that are part of your fashion persona.

Shoe Repair Shop. I am so serious about this.  I love my shoes  (and have amassed quite a collection) and frankly I can wear them hard.  As in soles have been ruined, toes have been scuffed and heels broken (this is rare and the likelihood increases exponentially the longer I stay out at night).  Something tells me I am not alone.  So a great shoe repair shop is key. They can polish, clean, resole, repair… basically they are foot saviors.  I mean, they do give your shoes a second life!  (Oh and if you are in LA you’ve got to check out

A Sense of Humor. It is not life and death- it is fashion.  And while I LOVE it I know not to take it too seriously.  Take risks, have fun and enjoy the process.  This is all about creating your personal style.  You don’t have to dress the same as everyone else.  Instead find what works for you and don’t be scared to laugh at yourself when something doesn’t work.



  1. I agree on the shoe repair shop! I always change the heels on new shops because the ones they have usually wear off easily! My mum used to have a very good seamstress but now she retired :(
    I know how to sew and even have a sewing machine, so I do some alterations to my clothes, but when something is difficult is good to have someone else to turn too!
    A pair of jeans is my wardrobe essential and I am a total accessories junkie…especially jewelry.

  2. I am tooootaly bff’s w/ my tailor and my shoe guy. Things last me longer, fit me better because of those 2 people in my life!

    But my favorite guy on this list is a sense of humor. Have some fun!!!

  3. Great tips!! Well done, I’m definitely tweeting this… and it’s funny, because I pick up my shoes from the cobbler tomorrow and my thrift store skirt from the tailor on Friday! Great minds think alike…


  4. love it! (and I am a bit envious of all those fabulous shoes!) I completely agree with all your necessities!

  5. All good things to know. I’m defintely good on the basics, those are my fave parts on my wardrobe.

    My sister is a fashion maven, and hooks me up on accessories. I still use my mother as my tailor, she is a jack of all trades. I have a sense of humor, though some may say, I’m not funny, but I do need a new Shoe Repair Shop. We used to have a great one, and now that we moved, I’ve been on the look-out. If you think you wear your shoes out, you should see my husbands shoes. It’s amazing what a shoe cobbler can do!

  6. I agree so much, and would add to that don’t be afraid to try new things and fail–my long list of past fashion faux somehow made me really understand fashion and style so much better. I don’t think you can really have great style until you’ve done some really style-challenged things. And can’t wait to try out your shoe guy–I’m in the market!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Great list of necessities.

    We had one shoe repair place in town and they closed down for lack of business. i miss them terribly.People don’t use tailors and shoe repair like they used to…..such a shame.

  8. Great tips!!! I love the fifth one hehe!!!

  9. I totally need to hit up the shoe repair shop. I have so many stripped heels!

  10. Good advice! I could use a tailor, though I never use one. My waist is so much bigger than the rest of body, and I have no butt! And, yes, yes, yes, to the white t, jeans, and black pants. And don’t forget about a classic black dress.

  11. Gosh I am certainly missing out in the tailor and shoe repair department. A broken shoe usually goes in the bin but I have these black wedges that I seriously don’t want to let go of. Finding good shoe repair store now!

  12. I agree with having a great tailor. Who cares if you’re wearing amazing pieces, if they don’t fit right, it just takes away from the outfit.

  13. So true!
    I need to work on the good basics and accessories. I definitely have a shoe repair shop. Instead of getting things tailored, I invested in a good sewing machine 😉

  14. You just reminded me to pick up my heels from the shoe repair shop, hahaha! Great tips and I concur completely.

  15. Thanks for the tip on Willie’s. I used to use Zinke’s in Pasadena, but needed something closer to home now that I’m on the west side.

  16. Great list- shoe repair (I always say cobbler and get made fun of by my bf) would be number one for me. I have fixed so many pairs of shoes, even had the top of one completely redone into a different color leather.

    p.s your comment about your sister loving cats into submission was hysterical

  17. I loved seeing your closet in its full glory! I’m really so happy we met and became friends. :) Looking forward to doing it again! These tips are perfect.

  18. I have all of those, except a tailor. I don’t really get anything tailored…I tend to do my own home recipes! Haha
    Live Life in Style

  19. Hey Alexis!

    Thanks for your comment!! Congrats on the Links a la Mode!!! Love your post – great tips!

    Corinne xo
    PS I have a shoe problem too 😉

  20. Totally agree with the 1st and 4th points! I’m very small, and always need to get my clothes altered. For my shoes, I get them custom made at, because my feet are very small and this site sells shoes that are made to measure. Nothing beats looking good and feeling comfortable in well fitting clothes and shoes!

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