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The thing about humidity- it hates me.  And I mean more than it hates the average person.

Let me explain:  I have what I affectionately refer to as an “Arab-Fro”  (I blame my Lebanese mother for it).  And while I typically straighten it, there is practically no fighting the frizz when the humidity increases.  As in my hair becomes the size of a small country.  Don’t get me wrong.  I fight it.  I fight it with the best products, but sometimes Mother Nature takes science.  And there is nothing I can do about it.

So when I first discovered model Hanne Gaby Odiele I couldn’t help with the way she (and let’s be honest, the wonderful stylists behind her!) embraced the natural texture of her hair (again this is just an assumption, but I am pretty sure this is the case and if not we are going to pretend that it is for the purpose of this post!).

Let me show you what I am talking about:


Here Hanne Gaby Odiele embraces her curls.  I am sure this messy, yet cool look was achieved with anti-frizz product and a diffuser.  Two items EVERY curly haired girl should own.  When I wear my hair curly I have to remember to be generous with the product and to avoid hairbrushes like the plague.

This is basically what my hair would look like if I didn’t use product and just used a hairdryer and a hairbrush on my hair.  If you are going to go this route it is important to maintain the volume at the crown of your head. You can try flipping your head over while drying it.  Of course the earrings make the style about a million times more glamorous than without.

The braid is my go to look when I have had time to style my hair.  Basically it requires the same steps in the first look, followed by a messy braid.  Funny thing about messy braids?  They always seem to take me longer than a neat one.  But when you know you are going to have frizz at the top it is important to balance it with the same relaxed style in the plait.

Hopefully some of you with wild tresses can draw inspiration from Ms. Hanne Gaby Odiele.  After all, you got to give your flat iron a rest sooner or later!!

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  1. Messy braids is such a great idea altough you say it take longer than a neat one! It takes me forever for a neat one but sometime i have no choice… my hair is really messy these days because of extreme humidity outside! I’m gonna try it later today (cuz right now i’m still in my Pj’s)!!

    Enjoy your day!!!

  2. I love it – I think naturally curly hair is absolutely gorgeous! Diane Von Furstenberg’s epiphany moment was the day she decided to let her hair go naturally curly. <3

  3. Humidity is not my friend either!!! It definitely takes me a bit of time and product to get my hair the way I like (especially since I decided to cut it into a chin length bob). I love the messy braid for people with longer hair. Great post especially since summer is definitely here.

  4. I think the grass is always greener- I am so envious of my sister’s hair (it gets wavy in the humidity). They always have this cute “beach hair” kinda messy but very stylish. My hair barely even curls. I say work it gal! These do’s rock!!! I love curls!!! <3 <3 <3 H

  5. Oh I always wanted a head of glorious, wild, out of control curls and waves! I have a lot of hair, and it’s long, but fine and straight :-( My sis in laws have wonderful, curly hair – and my two older boys do as well. Naturally they hate it and wish it were straight

  6. That’s the thing. The good curly looks you see in photos have had so much done to them. I have straight hair on top and curly under and my hair very much looks like King Tut. Great in the Eighties but awful since. I’ve had the brazialian straightener and never been happier…

  7. I so relate to this, having wavy instead of straight hair–neither here nor there, and never able to get it perfectly straight unless someone else blowdries it. I love that you’ve figured out a way to tame your tresses, I think it’s the biggest challenges of modern life! {Had to laugh at your arab fro–that’s what my ex called his hair until he lost it}.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. I LOVE the natural kind of unkempt hair. Its my favorite. I think we all usually look best when we just try to work WITH our hair, rather than against.
    I’m a license cosmetologist and was constantly trying to convince that it women would just find a way to work with their natural texture, it would probably save them time, headaches, products and some sanity.
    God usually gives us a certain hair type for a reason–because its us.

  9. I love messy braids. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that regardless of weather I’m not never going to have that perfect, no-piece-out-of-place hair but I’ve decided I wouldn’t want that…it’s kind of boring!

  10. I’m right there with you sister. I have a crazy wavy/curly mane of hair and when I don’t have time to do anything with it…into a braid it goes!

  11. I think humidity is not my friend either, however, in the summer time I’ve learned to not straighten my hair as much… in moderation.. hehe, I’m not a fan of wavy hair, but love it on other people. Braids are just brilliant anyway, I’m also a fan of ‘the bun.” the bun with a side swoop & I’m out the door! :)

  12. This is definitely a gorgeous option/alternative to frying your hair!

  13. I wish I had curly hair. It’s flat all the time. With lots of work I can make it a little tiny bit fluffy. Humidity helps a lot actually! When I go to San Fran the fog makes my hair a little fluffy and wavy. It’s so exciting!

    There’s no way to know what kind of hair a model really has unless you know her and you can ask. The hair stylists can do the most amazing things, but her hair does look great!

  14. I have straight, straight, straight hair. And I’ve realised that suits me the best. So I don’t fight against it anymore with hair-stylist visits, nothing seemed to work anyway, not even for an impression of curls. Every hair-style has its charm, you just need to learn a few tricks I guess. :)Ada

  15. Girl I have trouble with the humidity and my hair too!! And even though my hair is relaxed the answer to all black girls’ afro, it still flairs up and tries to revert to AFRO puff down here in Houston. My go-to solution is a drawstring ponytail! lolol

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  16. One of my favorite trends is big hair! I love this. Work your frizz. I live in Miami where it’s always around 75% humidity. It’s terrible but I’ve learned to embrace my big hair.

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