New York Snapshots

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York- including a wedding on Long Island and a couple days in the city.  The wedding was a blast (congrats Madeline and Jay!) and the city was fantastic.  It was great to get out and experience the city (despite having to work some!).  And of course I squeezed in time for some socializing.  I was able to meet and grab a bite with Nicole of the blog Sketch 42 (you should check out her etsy shop!).  As well as cocktails with a group of friends (including Kristy of Full Time Fabulous/ Vogue Gone Rogue & NoH’s beloved sommelier, David).

During my adventures I took a bunch of photos.  I took the opportunity to play with my editing skills (limited as they are!) and thought I would share some of the results with you…. Hope you enjoy!

The dance floor at the wedding was nonstop movement.  A sure sign of a good time…

I love the way the light and shade play along the sidewalk of the residential Village street.

I couldn’t decide which of these photos to share- so I opted for both!  It was a very hot day in the city.  These three little girls found solace jumping in a playground fountain.

I spent one morning working in the lobby bar of our hotel.  I looked up from my computer briefly to catch this quintessential New York site.


  1. Ha, love the last photo! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. They all great photos, but the photos of the little girls are just gorgeous. I love the rainbow effect in their. So pretty.

    Hope you enjoyed your NY trip. One of these days I’ll get there myself (here’s hoping).

  3. Love these photos. Looks like classic New York! :-)

  4. love the big apple!

  5. Love them all and love you, too, Lexus! Hugs to you and Luko!

  6. Happymother says:

    I love NY!!! Great pictures, I love the pic of the sidewalk!

  7. super cute. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip!

  8. What great photos. Love that taxi shot!

  9. I love that shot of the sidewalk!

  10. Love the pics! I don’t think your editing looked that bad. Keep practicing and playing with different programs ’til you find the one that’s right for you. Then it will be a breeze.

  11. Sounds like so much fun! I love Kristy!! So excited that you’ll be participating for next weeks boyfriend project!!!

  12. NYC is so much fun! You got some great pictures! I really love that picture of the fountain with the rainbow; beautiful. And that last picture really made me want some Pret A Manger!

  13. Love everything about New York. Determined to live there one day when the kids are gone…All the images are so much fun – what a party!

  14. hey thanks for your nice comment on my braid post! I’m doing tutorials next week!! I’ll totally teach you!! :)Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Ahh New York, I miss it so much! I love how that first picture represents a whirlwind, like you experienced in New York!

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