NoH Does: ‘Cuffed

There are two reasons why I love NoH Does:

  1. Discovering new Bloggers. Every week I get submissions from blogs I have not read before.  Which is amazing, because who doesn’t want to draw more inspiration into their lives?
  2. The various ways people interpret a trend. Yes, I give the guidelines, but it is the people who submit who style the looks according to their likes.  Without fail I see things where I think, “huh, I never considered doing that before!”

Yep, NoH Does is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself).  And so are today’s featured bloggers!  They are sharing their interpretation of this week’s topic: Cuffed:

First up is Trish from the blog Army Of She.  This is an example of me getting to know a new blog.  She is based in the Philippines and balances her posts between outfit posts, personal stuff and also sharing what is going on within the Filipino blogging community.  She went for the stacked cuff look mixing materials and finished in a brown gold and ivory palate.  I love how the bracelets compliment each other!

Next, is V of Grit & Glamour.  Let me tell you, she is one of my favs.  Her blog tagline is: “Style. Shoes. Sass. And Smart Blogging.”  And that is exactly what you can expect to get when you check it out.  She is always a trailblazer and for that I admire her.  Her cuffs are an example of me looking at the trend in a new way.  Namely matching cuffs on each wrist.  I love the strong statement it makes and plan on trying my own spin on it very soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s NoH Does as much as I did!  If you are interested in partaking you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out the week’s topic and submission details.




  1. Eeee! Thanks for featuring me, sweetheart!

  2. I loved Vahni’s Tory burch clutch. I especially love how she styled it with such a rich and colorful hue.

  3. I love being introduced to new blogs. Thank you. Trish’s stackable cuffs are very nice, & V is always looking amazing (cannot go wrong w/ Tory). :-)

  4. Really love first picture! That’s my way to wear cuffs as well! And those are sooo pretty!!!

  5. V is such a badass! I’ve never heard of Trish — will check her out :)

  6. Happymother says:

    I really love Tory Burch and the cuffs are great!!!

  7. Love V’s! Those Tory cuffs are gorgeous!

  8. Wow I love those Tory Burch cuffs!

    Live Life in Style

  9. I usually wear cuffs like Trish does, with other bangles & bracelets, but I also like V’s style! Very bold, I’d feel invincible, like Wonder Woman, lots of fun!

  10. Love the two interpretations of “cuffed.” One so romantic and sweet, the other ambitious and bold. Fun!

  11. Oh. I sure could use cute cuffs to wear with my outfit tonight! Do I dare wear them on both arms?

  12. That bold purple dress is fabulous!!! I’m going to have to check Trish’s blog out!!

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