NoH Does: First Impressions

If you are a fashion blogger or follow North On Harper on facebook or twitter (what are you waiting for?!?!), then you might have missed my regular call for participants in the weekly NoH Does feature…. Well, that is because I opted to put a spin on it (I love keeping you guys on your toes!!!!)

This week I decided to use the topic from Monday’s Guest post as the inspiration.  If you missed it, Stephanie of The Loudmouth shared some great advice on how to dress for an interview in her post “First Impressions.”

Instead of calling on you lovely readers to wear your best work attire, I had something slightly different in mind….

So without further ado— NoH Does: First Impressions:

First, here is Stephanie.  I thought it would be cool to see how the writer of the inspirational post applies the guidelines.  Here, Stephanie pairs a blazer with some very dark trouser jeans (practically creating a suit!) with a cranberry blouse (red is a power color!).  Most important are her accessories— these give us a peek into who she is as an individual.

Surprise!!! It is me!  I figured that since I didn’t write the post that would be the theme of this week’s NoH Does, I might as well partake in it!  I decided to go with a loose fitting abstract print blouse (it looks animal like in the photo although it actually isn’t) tucked into a fitted black pencil skirt worn with a pair of purple peep toes.  For me the accessories were limited, because I used the top and shoes to give the look a sense of me!

NoH should be back to normal next week.  So if you are looking to be featured, please keep your eye out for the topic on both facebook and twitter.  And rumor has it — with Father’s day right around the corner we may be looking at some menswear… Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!!!



  1. Love this post! I’m happy you decided to share a photo of pretty lil’ you. :)

  2. Lovely idea for a post and Im loving both of those outfits, your and Stephs! :)

  3. That’s so great to see a picture of you! And the outfits are outstanding! Really! Love them!

  4. Love how you flipped this idea! Thanks for keeping me inspired!


  5. I really like both looks, Stephanie’s is more casual and yours is more dressy. Two very good takes depending on what type of interview you are going to. I agree with Marie, you should include yourself in your posts more often!

  6. You girls look great! I’m loving your top

    Live Life in Style

  7. Picture of you works. and you are right red is a powerful colour.. but clothes can only do so much. and Stephanie’s stance is conflicting.

    • Wow, I find you comment about Stephanie a little tough. I agree that clothing can only do so much— but this post was only about that element of an interview.

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