NoH Does: White Out

Another week has flown by—I can’t believe we are in June!  I suspect the fact that this past weekend was Memorial Day, making this week feel shorter, is the source of my confusion.  Which brings me to this post: it is now officially okay to wear white!!!  And I am so excited about this!  This week’s post is based on Monday’s White Out.  I asked people to submit their summery white looks and as always, I received some great submissions.

The first photo is of Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions.  She also wrote a fantastic guest post earlier this week that you should most definitely check out.  Her look is perfect for taking a stroll outside (maybe the market? The pier? The possibilities are endless.).  The look is fresh and seasonal and the accessories really make it pop.

This isn’t Megan’s (author of The Martian Tide) first time on NoH Does.  You can see her in NoH Does: Brunch Attire as well.  I love including her in these posts because of her distinct personal fashion aesthetic and of course vintage leanings.  I can definitely see the influence living in Paris has had on Megan!  Like Heather, Megan used the color orange to add a bit a color and of course the right amount of personality!


  1. I’m afraid I never wear white (aside from a simple tank I have). But all these images of white dresses on the blogs have me drooling. I wonder if I can find a summery piece to wear.

  2. Love the white on white! Its a big trend now here in Australia. Though, personally I think its timeless chic!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay in touch:)

  3. Girl I’m like you…June 1 came out of nowhere! I’m like wtheck? HAHAHA. Love these white out looks, they are both whimsical and comfy looking. I love Megan’s peach scarf!

    Live Life in Style

  4. Thanks so much for including me! I hope I can continue to contribute.


  5. These are great!!

  6. Love the splash of color in both outfits

  7. Love both outfits – really interesting and fresh. The jacket in the second and scarf are fantastic!

  8. I love wearing white with splashes of color! I am so glad that it is now officially the perfect time to wear white.

  9. Love the White Out looks! These ladies look absolutely fab – I am especially envious of Megan’s awesome vintage ensemble – totally chanelling Cherry Blossom Girl!

  10. I need time to slooooooow down. It can’t be June. I refuse to accept it.

  11. I am so going white dreams these sunny Paris days… It is chic and sweetly boho at the same time.

  12. Thanks for including me and saying such nice things! I love your NoH Does feature :)

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

  13. I am terrified of wearing white, every now and then I take a chance. I love how it looks I just happen to be that person that always manages to get a stain. I was seriously contemplating on buying white jeans this week.


  14. I agree with Veronica, I always manage to get my white stained =/

    BUT, I think the white on white trend is awesome and the ladies in the post wear it well :-)

  15. I’m a huge fan of all-white looks, and these are both great!

  16. I love these all white looks. They’re perfect for summer.

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